Wild QLD weather
  |  First Published: March 2012

Wet and wild weather has been dominating Queensland, which has had many and varied impacts on the fishing.

The Bundaberg region has experienced a decent wet season and all the rivers and creeks have had a good fresh down then. If we continue to get rain it could be months before we see salt penetrating back inland.

The Baffle has been in flood again and will run fresh for some time. This means if you’re keen to get up there for a fish then the mouth will be the place to try.

If the weather permits try heading just outside the mouth as there have been reports of good fish schooling and hunting in and around the saltwater on the tide. There have been grunter, whiting, bream and even a few jewies taken while fishing the incoming tide at the mouth.

The Burnett

The Burnett has been running dirty but there is still salt pushing up with the tides and the fishing has been getting better. This should continue this month as long as we don’t get too much more rain.

There are a pretty good following of anglers fishing the Burnett now using soft lipless lures and they have been coming up with some very good captures. The boys at Tackle World tell me the Threadie Buster and the Transam have been the go-to lures. Barramundi, mangrove jack, threadfin salmon and more have been taken on these lures.

These lures get to where the fish are, especially in deeper water where the fish usually sit for cover and safety. If you can get your lure in front of them down deep you have a greater chance of tempting them. Of course, this means locating their exact position by using a good sounder, and side imaging is also a very big advantage.

Woodgate Beach

The beach at Woodgate, although very dirty, was producing some good fish including whiting, flathead and bream.

There is also a mass of small prawns along the beach, which happened last year after the flood and Woodgate residents were treated to six months of fresh prawns. Hopefully this will happen again this year as the prawns are out of the reach of the trawlers. It should be relatively easy for the average cast netter to get a good feed of delicious prawn.

I will be heading back to the Gregory River as it clears as it was fishing well before the fresh. And from what I hear there has been an influx of escapee barra making their way into the river. The river is littered with rock bars that hold fish and, if you’re not careful, will claim your prop. Slow is the go until your familiar with the system.


March can be a nasty month for wind but if the weather is kind, get out there and have a go.

The reefs have been producing some XOS hussar and sweetlip which is great for those chasing a feed.

For the adrenalin junkie there have been large schools of pelagic fish out wide and they should move in closer as the month progresses.

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