ARB vehicle specific recovery points
  |  First Published: March 2012

The ARB vehicle specific recovery point will have 4WD owners breathing a sigh of relief. No longer do they have to rely on their vehicle’s generic, and often under-gunned, tow hook but now have a dependable recovery point specific to their 4WD.

Most modern 4WD come with a hook of some form or other set up somewhere under the front bumper. They vary in shape and size, even thickness and, while they might look as though a tow or hitch could be applied in time of need the reality is that they might be only suited to tying the vehicle down onto the truck that delivered it to its original dealer.

The problem, of course, is that the owner of the car cannot be sure of the worth of that little hook. In a straight recovery pull the generic recovery point may be fine but in an angled approach – like in most cases – failure might well occur.

Likewise, installation can often be left in the hands of a purchaser who might have no idea of the suitability of the surface to which the tow point was attached. Or more importantly, if an air bag deployment is likely to be effected.

To address this situation ARB launched an exhaustive engineering program side by side with extensive testing. Vehicle specific recovery points were manufactured and then subjected to load bearing, even to the point of destruction, to ensure that the end product would endure.

Some vehicles require quite complex mounting systems for these extra strong mounting points. This is to ensure that the air bag crash pulse was not compromised and that the points were fitted in an optimal location for ease of use and effectiveness.

In conjunction with the recovery point work, a ‘recovery train’ was also undertaken to ensure that strap and bow shackle size are compatible with each vehicle’s recovery point. This makes recovery both easier and safer with less chance of damage. As listed on the units, the recommended bow shackle for all ARB recovery points was set at 4.75t, when paired with an 8,000kg snatch strap.

Featuring reserves of strength, correct installation, a superior design for recovery from all angles, these vehicle specific recovery points are currently available for Ford Ranger, Mazda BT50, Toyota FJ cruiser, Land Cruiser 70 Series, Toyota Prado, Toyota Hilux, Nissan Patrol GU, with more vehicles in the pipeline.

A two year warranty comes with each unit.

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