Look to the shallows for a feed
  |  First Published: March 2012

As usual, fishing offshore this time of the year is completely controlled by the weather. While we have been spared the damaging floods of 2011, there hasn’t been a lot of great fishing weather since the end of November.

In between doing all the regular boat maintenance I would be heading to the shallow reefs west of Wide Caloundra for mixed reef species including cod, Moses perch, sweetlip and snapper.

There are often very large snapper taken in March around the bait schools loitering in the area. Spotty mackerel and Spaniards will also be feeding on the bait. This gives a good variety of species to target without travelling too far or wide.

If the weather is kind, the 100m line usually has beaut blue water holding mahi mahi, wahoo and billfish. Trolling is an option as well as floating out livies with a range of differing weights to explore different depths for fish.

Reasonable bottom fishing for wrasse, pearlies, snapper and trag can be had if the current is not roaring too hard from the north.

Wide Caloundra is a very good area for the mature anglers with a bit more time on our hands. The fishery is relatively shallow around 60m or so, there’s not much in the way of hard snaggy bottom and there is a reasonable range of species available through the year. While it is a way to travel there, Wide Caloundra is a place where you can fish without having other boats in close proximity to you. Having your own space is one of the joys of offshore fishing.

A conundrum for mature anglers is that while we are ready and available seven days a week, finding a crew to go with can be difficult. Unfortunately for us, the sons, sons-in-law and the keen young blokes we used to go with are either at work or meeting family commitments. Sometimes finding a competent crew is harder than finding good weather, or the time to go fishing.

At Scarborough we have an informal Neighbour’s Fishing Club comprised of blokes with boats and/or a keen interest in getting out on the water. Most of the blokes are still working part time or run their own businesses so no one is available all the time but we have always managed to get a crew together when someone is keen to take his boat out.

This has worked well for us so it may be that the first port of call is the local boat or fishing club to see if you can link up with some keen anglers. ANSA clubs and their members in particular are good at sharing information and fishing contacts.

State Election

As many of us know we are going to the polls on March 24 for the state election. I really hope that the fishing community and industry stand up and have their say for the good of future recreational fishing prospects. Let’s find a government that focuses on the real issues impacting Queensland’s fishing – run-off, land-based pollution and fisheries habitat clearing. Of late I think the real issues have been overlooked, so I suggest doing some research and making an informed decision that will produce positive results for all anglers.

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