Low flows create prime conditions
  |  First Published: December 2011

The Murray River height around Mildura is as low as it was before the floods and flows are at a minimum.

Water and air temperatures are rising, creating great conditions for fishing, particularly for yellowbelly as is generally the case at this time of year. However, it is reported that a lot of water is yet to come down which may tamper with fish habits again.

The positive thing about flooding is the ‘after-life’ it brings with and we are experiencing at the moment with a boom of small fish in the system, albeit mostly European carp.

On the whole, fishing around Mildura has been decent lately with good reports being made by many anglers.

Yellowbelly are being caught in good numbers below Wentworth and Mildura weirs casting vibration (T-vibes or Jackalls) and hardbodied lures. Snag piles and shallows with structure are also producing good numbers on lures and baits just off the bottom structure.

Some decent sized catfish and redfin have also been caught lately on worms and shrimp around root balls and creek inlets and fishing for yellas from the bank around the weir structures of Mildura or Wentworth has been very successful lately especially on 1/4oz spinnerbaits.

Trolling small hardbodied lures targeting the ends of submerged trees has also been a successful tactic lately, particularly around Merbein, with good catches of yellowbelly reported.

If fishing from the boat, pulling up on most snags or willow trees at Mildura or Wentworth weir in about 2.5-3m of water lately will get you a decent catch in no time. A well-rigged hook ‘cocktail’ is needed for a good catch.

Cod season is in full swing around Mildura and it will be interesting to see what is being caught in the wake of the blackwater event earlier this year, particularly upstream. Anglers must remember to handle Murray cod safely, particularly in the hot weather, so as to minimise harm.

Fishing for yellas on lures can be an easy task this time of year, but at times the fish can shut down and make the task difficult. This is where I find an extremely slow retrieve and pausing, lift and drop technique works wonders.

Lure fishing is set only to get better around Mildura over the coming months as water clarity is improving every week. Summer will be an ideal time to target yellowbelly as they have had plenty of time to breed up. So, get out there and enjoy the summer fishing in Mildura.

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