Get in now for reds and yellas
  |  First Published: May 2008

Lake Eildon is currently producing great catches of redfin and golden perch, but this won’t last forever as the water temperature is falling fast.

Yabbies, scrubworms and soft plastics have accounted for the majority of fish. After a recent visit to the lake, Matthew Hipwell and Gary Atwood, of Tatura, reported catching around 100 redfin, six golden perch and a 58cm Murray cod. All were caught on River2 Sea soft plastic yabbies between the main wall and Eildon Boat Club.

Similarly, Gary from Eildon Bait and Tackle has had a number of good reports of golden perch and redfin. Woolshed Inlet has been producing redfin of 1kg+. In Fraser Park and Bolte bays, golden perch have been taken on worms. A 7kg golden was also caught on a StumpJumper lure in Bolte Bay. Fraser Park Bay has a great boat launching facility that allows anglers to access the likes of Bolte Bay, Woolshed Inlet and Italian Bay without travelling far by boat.

Toward the Goulburn Arm end of the Lake there have also been good reports of redfin of 800g-1.2kg caught around the old Big River Bridge on baits of yabbies and worms. A 10lb brown trout was also taken up past the Big River Bridge on a StumpJumper.

A couple of good-sized Murray cod have been caught in Jerusalem Creek, one of which weighed 30lb and was caught on an Auspin spinnerbait. The other was caught off the back of a houseboat on worms. There are also good reports of golden perch being caught in Jews Creek on worms.

The Goulburn Arm is also fishing well with 1.4, 2.7 and 5kg goldens also being accounted for by anglers using baits of scrubworms and yabbies.

With autumn well and truly upon us, the accompanying frost, foggy nights and chilly mornings has seen the water temperature start to drop back to around 15oC from the summer high of 23oC. As a result, the catch rates of natives and reddies will soon start to drop off.

My advice is to get in while the going is good. Don’t leave your run too late, as the cooler water will slow these fish up considerably.

The cooler water is good news for the trout enthusiasts though, with some good reports of trout being caught in the Main Arm by boaters towing paravanes and Tassie Devil lures.

In comparison to the Lake, the Eildon Pondage hasn’t been fishing well, although there have been some good redfin up to 1.4kg taken on yabbies and worms around the Old Bridge. Trout of 1.8 and 2.7kg were also caught on soft plastic smelt.

The Goulburn River is starting to produce some nice trout after a pretty quiet summer. I’ve done a few trips with my business (Hooked on the Goulburn Fishing Tours) in recent weeks, and clients have netted some quality brown and rainbow trout to 900g, all of which were mainly caught on CD5 Rapalas in browns, rainbows and fire minnow colours around the Gilmours Bridge to Breakaway areas.

Ken and Vicky of Totally Trout in Alexandra have also reported good catches of trout around Gilmours Bridge on Celta type lures, with a 900g brown being accounted for. Pan-sized rainbow trout have also been taking scrubworms around Alexandra.

The Rubicon and Acheron rivers are fishing well for pan-sized trout around 500–600g. They are being caught on Royal Wulff and caddis emerger flies, small Celtas and CD3 Rapala hard-bodied lures.

Until next issue, happy fishing and drive safely.

For further information about fishing around Eildon, call Wayne at Hooked on the Goulburn Fishing Tours (03 5772 2626).

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