Sharks Galore
  |  First Published: December 2011

The surf has fished brilliantly over the past month, especially since the water has warmed up.

With the warmer waters, the sharks have moved in now and plenty of anglers are trying their luck on catching a monster. Because we have not had too much easterly wind yet, the weed has been absent so far, which is a good start, as normally we are plagued by weed this time of year making it hard to fish.

On the other hand, the persistent lack of descent weather is changing the beach topography constantly. Where there is a gutter one week doesn’t necessarily mean there will be a gutter a week later.

There are plenty of big bronze whalers cruising the gutters in close, and also just behind the breakers. But due to the uncertainty of good fishable gutter a lot of anglers have been paddling out baits beyond the breakers.

This has lead to a lot of success and some of these anglers have landed some big bronze whaler sharks up to 1.8m long. Other anglers are simply fishing the gutters in close at night and are hooking some monsters as well.

On the gummy front, it has been one of the best seasons for gummy sharks in a long time. They are even being caught during the day. Most have been around the 1m mark, but there have been quite a few pushing the 10kg mark and even bigger. All baits are working well especially squid, but bluebait and fresh fillets are always a good bet. Surf poppers are working well; gummy sharks are now a common occurrence to be caught on poppers, so it always pays to have one on, especially when the crabs are bad.

The flathead are also in full swing now and there are some pretty big specimens getting caught. There seem to be bigger ones down the western end around Woodside and McLoughlins Beach. The surf poppers really excel on the flathead and so do the white grubs. There are also plenty of flathead in the eastern end, although they haven’t been quite as big, they are still up to 45cm and make excellent eating, or can be used as fresh bait for gummies and sharks at night time.

The snapper are getting caught sporadically all along Ninety Mile Beach. No beach has produced more than then next. Most are being caught during the daylight hours which is good news for anglers that don’t want to fish the dark.

For more information, contact Will at Allways Angling in Traralgon on 51748544. You will expert advice and some great deals on fishing bait and tackle.

James Hearn has been catching some big bronze whaler sharks both during the day and night. Big fresh baits are the key.

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