Good times roll on
  |  First Published: December 2011

Fishing in all our rivers continues to be great and the summer holiday period should be one of the best.

The trout are fat and there are plenty of them. We continue to get rain on a regular basis, which interferes with the fishing for a day or two and then it returns to its previous state.

The insects are at their peak at the moment with a few mayflies being observed and reasonable hatches of caddis during the evening. Beetles abound.

I have seen very few hoppers yet. They may turn up as the weather stabilises and warms up. There is certainly plenty of grass about for them. Interestingly, last year was similar; lots of grass, few hoppers. Let’s hope that this year is better.

The Mitta River has been running high a couple of times this month with a little colour now and then. It is presently running great and there are plenty of brown trout about. The upper section, above Blue Duck, is producing the best fishing with some good quality fish mixed in with the usual run of river fish.

A few anglers have been venturing into Penders Flat and picking up some above average trout. Further downstream in the Hinnomunjie area, the fishing has been good but the fish are a little smaller and numbers not quite as high as further upstream.

Middle Creek continues to fish well in the lower reaches. Most of the fish are of modest size but the odd bigger fish is also being taken. The Bundara River is just a delight to fish with a series of runs and pools and good access. Fishing has been great with plenty of browns present.

The Bairnsdale Fly Fishers Club has been busy doing a tree-planting project on the Cobungra River at Innisfail. Whilst they were busy planting the banks, the trout were busy rising in the water nearby. Member Jim Combey finally fell to temptation and got his gear out. He caught 2 small browns in quick succession before returning to planting trees. The river is in great shape and the fishing is good to mostly small browns.

The Gibbo River is yielding plenty of small rainbows and nearby the Morass Creek is fishing well to anybody with a worm on their hook. Most of the trout are around 700g. The Buemba River is producing plenty of small rainbows.

Over near Buchan the Timbarra River is also fishing well. The fish are a little bigger this year with plenty up to 500g and the odd bigger specimen. Flyfishing, using a Royal Wulff is very successful and the spin fishers are doing really well.

This good fishing looks set to continue over early summer period as the rivers are all in great shape and the fish stocks are good.

Mick Rosenboom with a typical Victoria River brown caught on a bead head nymph.

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