Great Fishing Continues
  |  First Published: December 2011

The fishing in the Bendigo region continues to improve at most locations.

We are currently seeing great conditions in most waterways and the region is set for the most productive season in a very long time.

Lake Eppalock

At the present time the fishing in Lake Eppalock is fantastic. The productivity will continue to improve as water temperatures increase and the feeding in the redfin become more ferocious.

We have already been doing a number of tours with my business Cod Hunter Fishing Tours at this location with clients landing between 200 and 400 redfin per trip. This is fantastic fun and it is very rewarding watching my clients not being able to stop smiling after having such a great day catching redfin.

At the present time the larger redfin being caught are weighing up to 1.3kg. The redfin will shortly be going on another significant growth spurt as they start feeding on this year’s offspring.

The majority of redfin are moving into shallower water. Currently the best concentrations of redfin can be found in depths around 3-3.5m of water. Anglers should fish a number of different locations until concentrations of better fish are located. Many anglers will start fishing a location and start catching redfin of a smaller size. They will often stay there waiting for larger redfin to move into that location.

Unfortunately most days this won’t happen. If you do not pick up some quality redfin at a location after about 15 minutes then continue to move around until you can find a school of better quality fish.

The most productive lures for the redfin fishing continue to be soft plastics. I have continued to have terrific success on Jackall Mask vibes in the last couple of weeks I have also produced some quality redfin on Jackall Transam 95. These are quite a large profile for targeting redfin but they are working very well consistently producing large redfin.

Try not to fish soft plastics that are small in size. My best results are being produced on soft plastics measuring between 60-95mm.

The fishing for the golden perch continues to be slow and low numbers of golden perch have been landed. The best results have been produced by anglers trolling medium-sized hardbodies in depths of around 4m.

Campaspe River

The fishing in the Campaspe River has been good and is continuing to improve. The majority of fish are being caught in the river directly below Lake Eppalock. Good numbers of redfin and reasonable numbers of golden perch are still being caught.

Further downstream water clarity is slowing improving and with the clearer water we are seeing an increase in catch rates. The fishing at Axedale and Barnadown has been productive with some quality golden perch being caught and some good numbers of redfin being landed in this area. At Elmore the lure fishing has been slow but good numbers of redfin have been caught by anglers fishing with bait. Small yabbies and worms have been the most productive baits. At Rochester water clarity is still poor but slowing improving.

Loddon River

The fishing in the Loddon River has improved significantly in recent weeks. Water clarity has improved in a few areas and the fishing has been very good. Good numbers of golden perch are being caught with the average golden perch measuring 45-55cm. Reasonable numbers of redfin are also being landed with the average weight being around 500g. Good results are being produced by anglers casting and retrieving lipless crankbaits and spinnerbaits.

The most productive fishing has been in the lower sections of the Loddon River up stream of Bridgewater. Below Bridgewater to the Serpentine weir has also been fishing well. The best fishing continues to be in the sections of the Loddon River where water clarity is the cleanest.

If you are planning a trip to the Loddon River keep a close eye on the amount of rainfall the area has received before doing your trip. With the high water levels in the impoundments along the Loddon River and with any large rainfall events the rivers water clarity will deteriorate shortly after.

Cairn Curran

The fishing in Cairn Curran has improved lately. There continues to be small numbers of quality golden perch being caught mostly caught by anglers trolling hardbodied lures in around 3m. Small numbers of golden perch are also being caught by anglers casting lipless crankbaits.

The numbers of redfin being caught here has increased recently, although most are small. A few larger redfin have been caught by those anglers who have been skilful enough to locate a school of better quality fish and then casting soft plastics.

Good numbers of redfin are also being caught by those anglers fishing with worms and small yabbies with the best concentrations of redfin in around 4m of water.

Justin Rees displays a quality redfin caught with Cod Hunter Fishing Tours at Lake Eppalock.

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