Bolac for monster rainbows
  |  First Published: December 2011

There has been absolutely no shortage of good fishing reports coming in from my neck of the woods lately with most of our waters now really firing.

Most weekends the biggest dilemma is in which water to choose which isn’t easy with so much on offer at present.

The big news round here lately is that Lake Bolac, not far from Ararat, has been going mad for extra over-size rainbow trout. Most of these rainbows are around 2-3.5kg but many around the 4kg mark are also being taken.

It is incredible just how large these trout are after such a short period of time from when they were stocked.

I have fished here a bit lately and have taken numerous big rainbows by trolling Rapala X-rap and Shad-rap minnows in perch, white and silver. All areas of the lake are fishing well but I seem to be having the most success out in the middle and the rougher days seem to be fishing better than the calm days.

These rainbows are in magnificent condition and full of fight. They hit your lure with incredible speed and take off with very fast runs. I am hoping to score one of these big rainbows on fly on my next trip which would be a great experience, watch this space for more on this.

Baitfishing from the shore with Powerbait and worms on running sinker rigs is also picking up some big trout along with many eels after dark.

Big yellowbelly on the go in the Wimmera river

There has been heaps of reports of big yellowbelly being caught in the river around Horsham, Riverside, lower Norton and at the big water with yellas to 4kg being taken mostly on yabbies, spinnerbaits and lures. The occasional Murray cod to 80cm has also been caught and returned.

I have been fishing the river a lot above the weir with my children in the evenings and bait fishing with worms and yabbies. We have been having a ball catching redfin, carp, catfish, yellowbelly and even a few silver perch.

Natimuk Lake

This lake has been very popular lately with good numbers of rainbow trout being caught around the 500-700G size range. A few catfish and big carp are also being caught.

Everything is working here whether you are into bait, lure or fly but I am really enjoying the flyfishing here at present. In the evenings the trout have been rising all over the place and are easily taken on flies such as the Mrs Simpson, nymphs, Alexandra and my favourite the local Weirs Roughy.

Lake Wartook

The good fishing continues here with many good redfin and trout being taken, mostly on trolled lures. Some of the reddies have been thumpers too up to 1.8kg. The most popular lures have been Stumpjumpers and Rapala or Tilsan minnows for the redfin and Tassie Devils for the trout.

Gold or pink have been popular colour choices here. Bait fishing with mudeye and flyfishing is also working very well on the trout, which are being taken up to around the 2kg mark.

Lake Fyans

This would have to be one of my all time favourite lakes and the fishing here has been really good lately. Good brown and rainbow trout are being taken to 2.5kg, mostly on mudeyes fished under bubble floats. Trolling with Tassie Devils is also picking up some nice trout.

The redfin fishing has been good with many reddies about in the 300-800g size range with the odd thumper to 2kg being taken. Drifting the deep water with yabbies, worms and gudgeon has been best but we did well jigging with vibes while on the drift here last weekend as well.

Fly anglers have been doing very well here on the trout and redfin mostly on wet flies such as Mrs Simpson, Tom Jones and Woolly Buggers. The trout are feeding very heavily on small redfin fry and bug mudeyes at present. The evenings and after dark have been producing the best flyfishing.

Lake Lonsdale

This lake has been very popular as the yabbies are now going really well, with good catches being taken after dark and during the day now as well. The redfin have fired up here again and they have been ranging in size from 400g-1.2kg. Trolling hardbodies has been the most popular method of getting a feed of reddies here at present.

Taylors Lake

The fishing has been pretty good here lately with good redfin around 500g and a few yellowbelly to 1.5kg being taken by anglers fishing from the shore and from boats, mostly in the timbered areas. Bait fishing with worms, yabbies and gudgeon has been best. Plenty of carp have also been about and can be a bit annoying when you are using worms for bait. The occasional Murray cod has also been caught and released, mostly on small yabbies fished for the yellowbelly.

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