Great Fishing in the high country
  |  First Published: December 2011

Spring is a wonderful time in the High Country and the fishing has been great.

I recently spent a day fishing the Victoria River. We started off fishing the lower section, just upstream of the Victoria River Falls, where we caught a few smallish browns that were quite poor in condition. That is not unusual early in the season as the water temperature was still only 9C and the insects are just starting to get going. We decided to have lunch at the picnic area near the Great Alpine Road and have a look at the upper Victoria after lunch.

We arrived on the river to be greeted by a cold rain squall however we got our fly rods out and battled on. The fishing was just great for the next hour even in the cold conditions where the air temperature was slightly colder than the water temperature.

We landed about a dozen browns up to 500g which were fat and in very good condition, just the opposite to the fish lower down in the river. We caught the bulk of the fish on a size 12 Adams fished dry but bait or lure would work just as well in this pretty little river.

Nearby the Cobungra River is also fishing well and the fish are of a similar size. Morass Creek near Benambra has been a favourite spot for the bait angler.

The creek is fishing well but the fish are a little smaller than previous years. Most fish caught have been around 700g.

The Gibbo River is flowing nicely and can now be easily waded. It contains lots of smallish rainbows and a few larger browns.

Dartmouth Dam has continued to rise and is now covering most of the Gibbo River below Morass Creek. Higher up on this system, the Buemba is also fishing well with similar fish stock to the Gibbo.

The Mitta Mitta River is fishing well in the Hinnomunjie area although the browns are mostly modest in size. Higher up the river there have been some good fish taken. A Benambra fisherman using worms caught a nicer brown of almost 1.5kg in the Penders Flat area recently. Middle Creek is going well with good numbers of browns being taken and the Bundara River continues to fish great.

Livingston Creek is a small and popular fishery. Plenty of small browns are being taken over most of its length but the upper section at Cassilis is fishing particularly well.

The Timbarra River near Buchan is a good early season river and it was fishing very well when I arrived recently. The water temperature was 11C and there were a few fish rising. My friend and I took about a dozen browns on a Royal Wulff fly.

These fish were in very good condition with many of them tipping the scales at 500g. This is heavier than usual for the Timbarra.

Other anglers that I have spoken to also report good fishing here. This should continue on until Christmas when the water will heat up and adversely effect the fishing.

Over the next month the fishing should just get better and better. All our rivers are flowing well and they will be just at the right water temperature for insect life and feeding opportunities for the trout.

Geoff Johnston landed this nice brown in the Timbarra River. This fish is typical of the fish being caught at the moment. See how happy the angler is and why wouldn't you be with a fish like this on a pretty river like this?

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