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  |  First Published: December 2011

Santa is nearly here and it wont be long before we are looking straight into the eyes of another new year.

Summer lakes

Due to good rain in October and early November the lake levels should survive the harsh summer sun that should be beaming down in December. The fishing will be hot as the trout forage the ground that would normally high and dry in previous summers. Lake Burbury really starts to fire by early December and will be a hotspot right through summer. A boat is handy on Burbury due to a lack of fishable shore in comparison to the size of the lake, but all methods will get a fish.

Lake Rosebery and Mackintosh at Tullah are another two good choices in December. Mackintosh however is almost dependent on a boat, where as Rosebery does have some great fishable shores along the pedestrian and horse riding track; this walk can be quite rewarding. Other lakes such as Rowallan, Mikany, Mackenzie, Huntsman and Barrington are also worth a look and if you catch them on the right day you should find a few trout.


Small streams have benefited from that late rain and will be sporting good numbers of trout. These streams can be found all over the state and can be fished by lure, fly or bait. These creeks normally don’t provide massive fish, but if fished correctly hold up to two or three fish in each pool, so can work out very profitable.

I suggest going a bit old fashioned with lures and picking a Celta. Celtas are a proven winner in these conditions but other small suspending hardbodied lures are always worth a crack.

Stream trout are easily spooked so casting accurately and remaining stealthy is probably the main thing to get right. Cast up the pool into the riffles if possible and slowly use the current to bring the lure or bait into the pool at the bottom of the run. This will stop fish being spooked by lures splashing as they hit the water. Wear dark clothes and keep your shadow out of the water; remember simple things like this will maximize your catch rate.


December will be full of salty species to chase. A great place to start is the Burnie area including the Blythe and Emu rivers. It has become quite a hotspot with snapper, barracouta, Australian salmon, mullet, mackerel and even bream in small numbers in the two rivers.

Australian Salmon can be found in most of our rivers and estuaries, but there has been reports of bigger fish in Port Sorell. The north west bream hotspot is Port Sorell and its two rivers the Rubicon and the Franklin. These two rivers also harbour a lot of different species as well.

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