Review: Prowler Ultra 4.3: A True Performer
  |  First Published: December 2011

Ocean Kayak are one of the leaders in the sit-on top kayak market and were one of the first manufacturers to start making purpose built fishing kayaks with the initial Prowler kayaks coming on the market over 10 years ago. The Ultra 4.3 is the latest release within this range and boasts some of the most innovative features we have seen in a paddling fishing yak.

The most obvious feature is the large, hinged centre hatch. This has been designed to allow storage of rods, gear and even their catch. This avoids clutter on the deck and it allows the fisho to stow everything valuable away when negotiating decent surf.

Note that in order to stow rods and reels fully rigged owners need to add the optional internal rod tube inside the hatch compartment. Recessed brass inserts are fitted to facilitate this option.

The hatch hinges from the front and is held in place with large rubber tabs – a bit like the tabs on a Waeco. Not only does the lid hinge forward but it can also be flipped so that your sounder can be easily stowed while negotiating the surf or while transporting your kayak. The lid has a multitude of brass inserts to take rod holders, sounders, camera mounts, etc. The plastic on the lid is a little flexi so extended rod holders move around quite a lot.

The next noticeable upgrade from Ocean Kayaks previous models is the seating. It features a plush EVA foam base that is super comfortable and a backrest that has variable height adjustment; it’s a big improvement on the standard Ocean Kayak seat. The new ‘ClickSeal’ front hatch has been welcomed by Ocean Kayak buyers because it has made accessing the front hatch an easier option than previous systems.

The rear well is shaped to take the optional insulated ice box as well as having attachment points and recesses for a livewell.

Another revolutionary feature is found underneath the kayak with major modifications to the transducer scupper recess. It has now been shaped to fit a multitude of fishfinder brands including Humminbird and Lowrance and allows side imaging capabilities to work for your top of the line sounders. There is also a 4” hatch behind the seat for accessing the hull to position batteries. While under the kayak we can also view the replaceable wear strip protecting the rear section of the hull.

We also get six recessed rod holders, four recessed carry handles, two paddle parks, a rudder, decklines, and brass inserts everywhere for mounting rod holders, anchor running rigs or camera mounts. This new model is certainly jam packed full of features!


The seat is fantastic - up there with the most comfortable I’ve found in a kayak. Accessing rods and all your gear is easy with the multitude of options at your disposal. If you are considering this kayak for yourself I would recommend at least having a sit in it before buying. A few people that I’ve had paddle it have not been entirely comfortable with the large centre hatch; it puts yours legs in a slightly wider position compared to other kayaks. I personally found it comfortable, as have the majority of people that have paddled it. Also just watch the rubber tabs securing the centre hatch. I’d recommend the use of ankle high booties to protect from any contact with these tabs, especially while in the surf.


I’ve read comments rating the speed of the 4.3 as being superior to others in the Prowler range, even compared to the longer Elite 4.5. Although I didn’t get a chance to make this direct comparison, the Ultra 4.3 does seem fast. We tested it against another kayak of similar length and dimensions and the 4.3 won hands down. A closer look at the hull shape shows the 4.3 does have a little more efficient lines than its predecessors.

In the surf the Ultra 4.3 was more than adequate. It punched through the waves with ease and showed no signs of burying the bow when coming back in. The rocker and volume in the nose is a performance feature of all the kayaks in the Prowler range.

The Wash-Up

The Ultra 4.3 is certainly a kayak for all occasions. It would be happy out on the dam cruising along searching for bass. It would be at home in the estuaries chasing bream and mangrove jack. Most of all I think this kayak would be super excited to be offshore chasing a big snapper or even mackerel. If you weren’t thinking of setting up a fishfinder and heading offshore at some stage, there are plenty of kayaks you could consider, this being one of them. However, if you’re interested in searching the ocean for a fish that will scream line off your reel, tow you around for a while before one of you gives up, this would be one of only a handful of kayaks that I’d want for such a job.

Want One?

The Ocean Kayak Prowler Ultra 4.3 retails for $2399. It’s also available as a package including the ice box, rod tube kit, battery tray, 12V 7amp battery, charger, transducer boot, power cable and Humminbird 385CXi colour sounder and GPS combo - all for $3950 fully installed and ready to go. For Ocean Kayak dealers in Australia, visit

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