Spectacular Eildon
  |  First Published: December 2011

I hoped and dreamed that the lake would fill again and amazingly my hopes have come to fruition.

It is a spectacular sight to see Eildon with so much water in it. But what is it going to do to the fishery as a whole? This in itself is a question I have no answer for as I was introduced to the lake when it was hovering around the 20% mark, so I have never fished it full before. But I’m very excited about the challenge of finding new spots and using different lures and techniques to catch the fish in this very big lake.

So far this spring the yellowbelly are in superb condition and on the chew pretty hard which is great to see. I have had a few cracking sessions in November, pulling nice yellas in excess of 7kg and good numbers of fish around 2-4kg. The interesting thing though is the times when you think the fishing would go off its head with excellent conditions such as 26C, barometer up, not much wind and a bit of cloud cover, the fish don’t play ball!

Barely a week later I went out early for a change on the water at 6.10am thinking I might nail a few trout. The temperature was 9C, windy, drizzling rain and very low on the barometer. The result was 6 yellas in an hour of mayhem and quality fish to boot. Eildon is a very strange place at times.

Time on the water is key to give yourself the best chance at these fish and do not be put off by boat traffic or rain or wind: if they are on they are on!

On the trout side of things it has been quite good also with browns up to 2.5kg being caught in Big River and the mouths of the Delatite, Goulburn and the Howqua rivers being hot spots as well.

It’s quite amazing that the redfin bite never slowed down at all this year which was good to see. Everyone is getting a feed of this superb table fish, with some cracking 1.2kg fish being caught right throughout this year. I started using Berkley Gulp turtleback worms in camo to target reddies and the results were amazing on a few occasions. Recently the Gulp out-fished scrubbies!


This summer hopefully will be one to remember on our rivers, with the lake chockers and all of the irrigation areas full. It seems the Goulburn might get only what come into the lake so we might get consistent flows of between 1,000-2,500Ml per day.

If this happens, the fishing will be insane, normally this time 6,000-7,000Ml a day and very difficult to fish. Local, Mick Humphries has been smashing it in the Goulburn, pulling good numbers and a couple over 1kg. Both the Rubicon and Acheron are fishing very well; also consistently producing fish. I recently had a session on the Rubicon producing six browns to 800g on a new Cultiva CT 55, which a great little hardbodied lure for trout.


The pondage has been fishing well with pink Powerbait and scrubbies bringing in the brown and rainbows to 2kg with late evening being the best time to fish.

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