Cod time on the Yarra
  |  First Published: December 2011

Cod opening is the one thing many anglers have been hanging out for.

Warm balmy nights down by the Yarra near Warrandyte, Templestowe and beyond are the stuff of angling dreams. Cod are such a special fish that we should cherish, so have a great time fishing for them and maybe take a photo and them put back for next time especially in our suburban back yard.

Cod can be caught in so many ways from the bank or out on the water in a canoe or a little tiny fishing with bait like a yabby or the old favourite bardy grub, which can be obtained frozen or even pickled: good for the relaxed and patient angler.

I prefer to chase cod by casting a spinnerbait or one of the new crayfish imitating lures. Fishing lures allows the angler to stir them up in a territorial response; just remember to hold your nerve and not put the lure way from them when they fist strie at it. Wait for stronger nock and then just feed it back to them.

There are some great lures to tempt some of those new season cod (and other fish) as well as a few tips on getting the best from them.

The old favourite the Celta has new fluoro and glow colours to make it very visible. Always cast these upstream and give the rod tip a strong flick to get the blade spinning then slow it down to just a little quicker than the current.

New gedded guts

These new lures have a special new body shape has an oversized belly lure with a orange crazed belly. This lure imitates a small fish in a dam or lake that can’t spawn, which is a deadly approach for targeting big fish.

Izumi Shad Alive

These are a slow sinking lure with lots of action which makes them a great searching lure for those deep slow moving holes at the bottom of faster running water.

New live Target Crawfish Trap

This is a great new shaped lure matched with its supper loud rattle will really stir the fish up and pull some big strikes.

New small rattlers from Rapala

This give little rattler is perfect for Macquarie perch, redfin, trout and others, especially when with dirty water after rain.

New Glow Egg roe from berkley

For the bait angler these little balls of Powerbait give fish the equivalent of jelly beans on a hook. Best fished on a mini treble or ultra light hook

New gulp cricket from gulp

These are the answer for all anglers that have been chasing mudeyes, except these ones don’t fall of the hook and have a pure strong smell as well. Fish them under a float or just cast rigged with split shot and a small hook.

For up to date fishing information, both fresh and saltwater, contact the boys at Compleat Angler in Dandenong on 9794 9397 or drop in and see us at 209 Lonsdale Street, Dandenong, or at our Ringwood Store at 92 Maroondah Hwy, – both stores are open 7 days a week. We offer plenty of top quality fresh bait, lures and a great selection of freshwater and saltwater gear.

A marvellous cod snag on the Yarra River – a prime spot to try your luck once the season opens on December 1.

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