Heaps of fishy choices in the Wimmera
  |  First Published: November 2011

Now that the weather and water temperatures have warmed up, the variety and quality of fishing on offer here in the Wimmera and Grampians has been excellent.

It’s very exciting after many years of drought to now have so many lakes and rivers full and fishing so well.

Local and visiting anglers are still celebrating the decision to put 30,000ML of water into what was without a doubt our best trout and redfin water, Lake Toolondo. This water allocation will top up Toolondo to about 50% of capacity and the lake will be around 4-5m deep. The word is that trout stocking will commence here this month, which is very exciting for those that remember just how good this great lake was back in the day.

Lake Fyans

The trout and redfin fishing here has fired up considerably with the onset of warmer weather. Bait fishing, lure fishing and flyfishing are all producing some great fishing here. The trout have been 1-3kg and the reddies are mostly around 400-700g with a few thumpers to 2kg.

I received a great fishing report and photos from Ray Caruana of the Greenvale sport and gamefishing club who had a comp at Lake Fyans recently. They had 30 anglers fish and despite the very windy weather, 43 trout and 8 redfin were weighed in for the comp with many other fish also caught and released. The majority of their trout were caught on trolled Tassie Devil lures but some good fish were also taken on mudeye.

Trolling diving lures was best for the redfin. Most of the trout they caught were browns ranging in size from 600g-1.8 kg and their redfin were up to about 1kg. Ray also reported that many anglers managed to hook onto some very big browns well over 2kg only to lose them at the boat while trying to land them.

I have been fishing Lake Fyans a bit lately and on my latest trip I fished with mudeye over near the caravan park anchored in about 3m of water. I ended up with five nice rainbow trout around 1.2-1.5kg along with two nice redfin. I noticed many other anglers also catching trout and redfin, mostly on the troll.

Lake Wartook

This lake is still fishing very well with some nice brown and rainbow trout being caught between 1-2.5kg along with some nice redfin to 1kg as well. Most anglers are trolling Tassie Devils and diving minnows up the north end of the lake. Bait fishing with mudeye, worms and Powerbait is also doing well. Good fish are being taken off the wall and from boats in most parts of the lake.

Lake Lonsdale

The redfin have fired up in a big way here with reddies to 1.2kg being taken mostly by anglers trolling diving lures. Bag limit catches have been very common here. A wide variety of lures and colours are working, but the most popular have been Stumpjumpers in pink or red.

The yabbies have now also fired up here and are being taken day or night using drop nets. This lake is easily our most popular water at present with the two boat ramps being very busy every weekend.

Rocklands reservoir

Good redfin and trout along with carp and the occasional catfish are being caught from the wall right up to Glendinning mostly on worms fished from the shore. Trolling lures has also been producing good redfin here to around 1.2kg. Deep divers have been best with Rapala Shad Raps and Stumpjumpers very popular here. Good yabbies are also being taken here in drop nets after dark, mostly at the wall and Brodies areas.

Wimmera River

The river has been fishing well at most locations with redfin, carp, yellowbelly and a few catfish being caught. Bait fishing with worms and small yabbies has been best. I will incur some wrath for reporting this, but some very large yellowbelly to 4kg are being caught on yabbies and spinnerbaits below the Horsham Weir.

I have been taking the kids fishing down the river a bit after work and they have been having a ball, using worms for bait in the evenings it is really easy to catch a heap of carp and a few yellowbelly and redfin. The mosquitoes have been bad though so a good insect repellent is a must here.

Taylors Lake

The fishing is really good here now the warmer weather is here with good redfin around 400-700g being taken along with yellowbelly to 1.5kg and no shortage of carp. Bait fishing with worms, yabbies and gudgeon has been best either from the shore or from boats in the timbered areas.

Natimuk Lake

The rainbow trout are doing very well here and are now up to around 40cm and growing rapidly. They have been pretty easy to catch whether you are into bait, lure or fly.

The most popular way to catch them has been to baitfish with worms or mudeye under a bubble float. A number of very large carp are also being caught here along with a few catfish.

I haven’t heard of many redfin from here as yet.

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