Goldens on the go
  |  First Published: November 2011

The fishing in the Bendigo region remains very good, with redfin making up the majority of catches.

Over the past few weeks the numbers of golden perch being caught has increased significantly. This trend should continue and we should see some excellent numbers of golden perch being caught over the next few months.

Lake Eppalock

The fishing in Lake Eppalock continues to be very good. Large numbers of redfin are being caught. As water temperatures continue to rise the fishing is continually improving. At the present time the best concentrations of redfin are being caught between 3-5m. As the water temperatures are rising the redfin are starting to move into shallower water.

Redfin are being caught by a number of different types of lures, with traditional methods like trolling small hardbodied lures producing good results, as are blades.

Casting lipless crankbaits are also producing good numbers of redfin, while the best results are by those anglers casting soft plastics. There are presently a wide variety of soft plastics that are producing good results. Some of the most popular soft plastics are Jackall Mask vibes, Squidgies, Bozos and Z man soft plastics.

The numbers of golden perch being caught in the lake has been low, with the best results produced by anglers casting from the bank. Anglers casting lipless crankbaits and suspending hardbodied lures have caught small numbers of golden perch.

Campaspe River

There continues to be good numbers of redfin being caught in the Campaspe River. The most productive section has been the area directly below Lake Eppalock. The majority of redfin are being caught by lure anglers. The best results are being produced by anglers casting soft plastics and small hardbodied lures.

There has been a significant increase in the amount of golden perch caught in this area in recent weeks by anglers casting lipless crankbaits and spinnerbaits. Further downstream the water clarity has been poor but it is slowly starting to improve.

With the improvement in water clarity we have started to see an increase in the numbers of golden perch being caught in areas such as Barnadown and Elmore. The fishing has been slow in the section of the Campaspe River around Rochester. At this stage water clarity is slowly improving.

There is still a good chance that the Campaspe River will experience some flooding during spring due to the high water levels in Lake Eppalock. If we do get some flooding it will slow the fishing in the short term.

Cairn Curran

The fishing in Cairn Curran has started to improve and there have been some terrific captures of some very large golden perch lately. There has not been large numbers of golden perch being caught but the average size of the fish being caught has been fantastic.

Golden perch have been caught up to 8kg and the majority of these have been caught by anglers fishing with bait in the shallow water around the edges of the lake. As water temperatures continue to rise we should start to see increased numbers of golden perch being caught on lures.

There has also been small numbers of trout being caught in the lake. Good results have been produced by anglers fishing with Tassie Devils and bladed spinners. Some nice trout weighing up to 1.4 kg have also been landed by flyfishers.

At this stage the redfin fishing in the lake continues to be slow with the majority of anglers only managing to land small size redfin. Hopefully with the warmer weather we might start to see some larger redfin being caught.

Loddon River

There has been some good redfin up to 1kg landed in the section of the Loddon directly below Cairn Curran. Further downstream the fishing has been slowly improving. There have been small numbers of golden perch being caught in the sections of the Loddon at Bridgewater and Serpentine.

At this stage water clarity is still poor at most sections along the Loddon River. Water clarity is currently improving slowly and if we do not receive heavy rainfall this trend will continue.

At this stage the Loddon River has not experienced any flooding this spring. Water levels are still high in all the catchments along the system.

There is still a very good chance that the river will experience some form of flooding and if this does occur water clarity will again deteriorate after the flood and most likely slow the fishing until water clarity improves again.

This golden perch was caught casting a 1/2oz Bassman spinnerbait.

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