Hot fishing for the cool climate
  |  First Published: April 2008

The hot weather might be gone, but the fishing is still hot. The platforms along the Snowy River are all providing anglers with plenty of good size bream, luderick, mullet and some estuary perch.

The Brodribb River is also producing plenty of mixed bags of fish from Lake Curlip to the entrance. Other good catches are coming from Marlo foreshore, up and around the islands to Lake Corringle.

Prawns are still about from Marlo jetty to Frenchs Narrows, good size flathead have been taken in the same area. The surf beaches have been providing plenty of action with salmon around 3kg, and good size tailor, flathead, mullet and shark. Offshore has also been great with catches of flathead, gurnard, leatherjacket, pinky snapper, morwong, salmon and shark.

There has been numerous reports of great catches of late. Kim Kellow, a local shore-based angler, has been having the time of his life; nearly every outing Kim tells me has been the best yet. Kim fishes mainly from the platforms along the Snowy and has been bagging out on bream and luderick with a few estuary perch thrown in. On his last outing, Kim hooked the biggest luderick he has ever seen, estimated about 60cm, but on landing the monster it escaped at his feet (big ones seem to do that). Cocky Bommer fishing near the cut-through has also been getting him his share of bream, luderick and mullet using sandworm and prawn.

Bill and Garry Lynn, fishing near Lake Corringle, have been getting bream up to and over 2kg on sandworm and black crab. Justin Smith and David McCooey have been landing good size bream, luderick and mullet from the bank near bream point, using sandworm. Bob Marthick and Tom Warren, fishing out of the slips, caught a good bag of luderick in the dead end also using sandworm. Roy Herbert caught a mixed bag of bream, luderick and mullet, the best two bream measured 43cm and 42cm all caught, once again, on sandworm. Ted Potter had a good day on the estuary perch using lures; Ted bagged seven in open water using plastic prawns and hardbodied lures. Overall, there have been plenty of options about.

Fishing the surf beaches has been hot with good catches reported from all beaches. Conran has been firing with catches of salmon and tailor hammering poppers. Salmon and tailor are also taking metal lures, with many good captures reported.

Paul Lavell and Tony Munday, fishing down towards the morass, caught an estimated 30 salmon while fishing for gunny shark; some of the salmon were up to 3kg. On another evening out, they bagged three gummies using squid legs. Peter and Jason Farley fishing Corringle beach bagged out on good size gummy shark using eel and squid.

Roy Herbert had a great day on the estuary and landed two big bream measuring 43cm and 42cm.

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