Any Water is Good Water
  |  First Published: October 2011

The great fishing in the Wimmera and Grampians regions continues and with so many waters fishing well it’s starting to get very hard to choose where to go visit on the weekends. To report on every water in detail in this small report would be a daunting task indeed so I will just concentrate on those that are fishing the best.

Wimmera anglers have also been making a few trips to the southeast region of SA lately to fish the beaches along the Coorong, in particular at the 42 mile crossing.

My son Curtis and I have been enjoying some of the best surf fishing I have seen with large catches of salmon, elephant fish, gummy shark, snapper and some very nice mulloway up to 12kg.

Our best fishing has come in the evenings and at night on a rising tide and fishing baits such as mullet and salmon fillets, pilchards and squid. I have fished this beach for a few years now but I have never seen it fishing so well. I believe that all the floodwaters that flowed down the Murray have rejuvenated the Coorong estuary and beaches and really brought the place back to life.

The local waters have bounced back from severe drought and are producing some amazing fishing considering they were dry not long ago. The best of these waters is the Natimuk lake, where the rainbow trout are now doing very nicely with fish of 35-40cm being caught. Most of these rainbows are being caught on bait such as worms, mudeye and powerbait. Fly fishing should also be well worth a go around all the newly flooded vegetation here.

Lake Charlegrark near Goroke has been producing a few nice redfin around a pound on baits such as worms and yabbies, along with a few small Murray cod.

The Yarriambiack creek at Warracknabeal has also been fishing well for redfin, carp and the occasional yellowbelly with baits such as worms, yabbies and gudgeon doing the job.

Greenhill lake near Ararat has been fishing well with rainbows around the 1kg mark as well as a few browns taking bait, lure and fly. This is one lake to really keep an eye on as the trout used to grow to very impressive sizes here back in its day.

Lake Wartook

This lake is still the pick of our local waters to be fishing at present with excellent redfin and trout fishing still to be had. Whether you are a land-based or boat angler, October is the time to experience what this wonderful lake has on offer.

All methods are working well here whether you are into baitfishing, trolling, lure casting or fly fishing. I have been fishing here a bit lately and taking rainbows to 1kg, browns to 1.8kg and redfin to around 1kg. I have mostly been baitfishing with mudeye and trolling lures such as Rapala minnows and Tassie Devils.

Lake Fyans

The great fishing continues here with excellent redfin, rainbow and brown trout on offer whether you are into bait, lure or fly, land based or boating.

On my most recent trip here with my son Curtis, we caught a number of trout and redfin fishing mudeye under bubble floats near the inlet area. These fish ranged in size from about 400g-1.5 kg. Other anglers have been doing well on big redfin to 2kg in the deeper water drifting with gudgeon and yabbies on the bottom or by casting soft plastics and vibes. Trolling lures has also been working well but the weed can be frustrating here at times.

I had a quick fly fishing trip to the wall here a few weeks ago and spotted a number of browns moving in the shallows near the island when I walked up over the bank. I ended up taking two nice browns to 1.6kg on a black wooly bugger in some very shallow water amongst the flooded saplings. The fly fishing will really get good here as we head further into spring, especially once the bug mudeyes get on the move.

Lake Lonsdale

The yabbies are already back on the bite here with some great catches being made by those dropping their hoop nets in the deeper areas of the lake.

The redfin fishing has also been excellent and with fish around 600g-1.1kg making up the majority. Most anglers have been picking up these reddies by simply trolling diving lures such as Rapala Shad Raps, Tilsan minnows and StumpJumpers.

Drifting and casting vibes and soft plastics is also getting results, as is baitfishing with yabbies and gudgeon on the bottom. Once a school of redfin is found here, just keep going back over the spot and a good catch is almost a certainty on most days.

Rocklands reservoir

This lake has been very popular with very good trout and redfin on offer. Most anglers are doing well by trolling lures amongst the timber. Some of the reddies have been very large up to nearly 2kg. Baitfishing with worms, yabbies, gudgeon and mudeye is also working well whether fishing from the shore or in a boat. Good areas have been at the wall, Brodies and Glendinning.

Unfortunately many carp are also being caught. They are fun to catch but a bit annoying when you are hoping for a big trout or redfin. The occasional bass and catfish has also been caught lately so you just never know here.

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