Brilliant Blue Rock
  |  First Published: October 2011

It’s good to finally see some great weather, and with this the anglers have been out catching some great fish. But the real amazing thing is how well Blue Rock Lake has been fishing.

Blue Rock Lake is one of those places you don’t hear about much. With restrictions on boat and motor size, most anglers don’t have the ability to really tackle this lake properly. Over the past few months, heavy rains have increased Blue Rock’s water level to nearly maximum and a lot of the fish have been close to the banks, giving land-based anglers some sensational fishing.

Andrew Ketelaar has been having some great fishing down the bottom end of the lake on massive redfin and large trout. He has mainly been using soft plastics around the edges and some of these redfin have been over 1.5kg. There has been good numbers of these fish in very close to the banks, holding in quite shallow water.

Andrew also nailed a couple of beautiful big trout measuring almost to 60cm.

Other anglers have also been doing well casting Tassie Devils around off the bank, and those with small tinnies have been trawling Tassie Devils or large bladed lures around for large trout as well.

James Hearn sent me a photo of a huge 5lb brown trout caught on a pink bibbed lure at Blue Rock in early September. James has also been catching plenty of 1kg brown trout while fly fishing the edges of the lake.


Andrew Ketelaar caught this ripper 3lb redfin on soft plastic.


James Hearn sent me this photo of an angler whom caught this awesome big brown trout on a pink hardbody.


Andrew Ketelarr caught this beautiful big brown trout trawling the banks of Blue Rock.

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