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  |  First Published: October 2011

Right on cue winter weather has slowed fishing around Lakes Entrance but the upside is rain and lots of it.

Rain is so important for the health of our lakes and after 10 years of drought things are really starting to look up for the future with lush seagrass beds appearing and fresh flowing rivers; summer should be excellent fishing for all.

The front lake jetties are still fishing okay for trevally and mullet using sandworm with the scallop wharf being the best choice for results.

The trevally in this area absolutely love soft plastics and are easily caught on a range of lures when they are in the mood. Gulp Sandworm, Squidgy Wrigglers and DOA 2” shrimp are my top three plastics.

The surf has been sporadic and with fishing starting to slow from what been won of the best salmon fishing seasons in year on our local beaches and we can only hope it repeats itself for next season.

Lake Tyers

After long awaited anticipation Lake Tyres finally has an entrance and is now starting a long awaited clean out. Once the lake returns to normal level and becomes tidal the fishing will be great but with the prospect of more winter rains it may not be until late spring before this amazing little lake really turns it on.

The other major benefit of an entrance opening at this time of year is the chance of the lake filling up with king prawns and whitebait for summer. But we can also expect species like salmon, trevally, tailor and snapper to be plentiful once the turbid waters have settled.

The bream should also fire once the water settles. The snags in the Nowa Nowa arm are my go to location at this time of year especially after flooding as they handle a dose of fresh water better than most.

Being the coldest time of year the flatties are usually very slow, in some cases they become almost non-existent. Traditionally flathead season begins around mid-October and gets better the warmer the water gets through summer. It’s at this time of year when soft plastics take over and become the ultimate tool for catching flatties, with pink or pearl being my go to choice of lure colours for big lizards.

The rivers

The Mitchell, Tambo and Nicholson rivers have certainly held good populations of black bream this winter and fished great on blades right through this cold period.

With higher than average flow in recent times for more than 10 years it looks as if things are slowly heading back to normal. Fertile seagrass beds near the mouths of the river and good fresh water flow should see an excellent spawn of species like black bream and estuary perch, which spell good news for anglers to come.

Because of the massive amount of flows we have experienced, live bait has been difficult to purchase. Once the waters recede things will return to normal and spider crab and shrimp will be your go to big fish baits around the river mouths.

Previous to the flooding I spent an afternoon on the Tambo with Jarrod Day testing the new Tackle World Instinct Twitch blades.

We had an absolute ball with these blades, catching and releasing heaps of big fish. Jarrod even caught a PB bream in superb condition at 45cm in length and that was after upgrading from a 39cm and a 42cm.

Overall we landed around 20 fish for the session and most measured more than 37cm.

After trying the Instinct Twitch blades I’m keen to get online or head down to Cranbourne Tackle World and buy some. Not only are they cheaper than most other blades on the market, they catch as many if not more fish so I will certainly be using them on the charter from now on

For more info on these great new blades you can contact Jarrod at Cranbourne Tackle World and ask him which lure snagged his PB bream.

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