Redfin Dominate
  |  First Published: October 2011

Conditions are currently looking perfect for a great season of fishing ahead. The Bendigo region catch rates have been good lately with the main species of fish being caught being redfin.

With water temperatures slowly starting to rise we should hopefully see an increase in the numbers of golden perch being caught. Please remember we are currently in the closed season for Murray cod.


The redfin fishing has continued to be productive at Lake Eppalock. The lake is currently at 100% of capacity and water clarity is still good, however the water still has a lot of tannin in it so it is a tea like colour. Large numbers of resident redfin are currently spawning in the lake and it will not be too long before the redfin small fry are being eaten by the larger companions.

We had some fantastic fishing for the redfin during the warmest months last season and I believe that the fishing will only improve on what it was last summer. As water temperatures continue to rise during the next couple of months there will be millions of juvenile redfin for the larger ones to feed on. The redfin fishing is more than likely the best we have seen in the last fifteen years.

The majority of redfin are being caught in depths between 2.5-3.5m and good results are being produced by anglers jigging ice jigs and soft plastics. Anglers casting blades and soft plastics are also producing some fine results.

The numbers of golden perch being caught has been low of recent times however I have had one report of an angler catching small numbers of yellas bait fishing with small yabbies. The golden perch have been an average weight of 600g and unfortunately I believe it will be another couple of seasons before we see the recent native stocking of the last couple of season take affect. Until then redfin will continue to dominate angler’s catch rates at Lake Eppalock.


The fishing has been very good at the outlet below Lake Eppalock. Good numbers of redfin have been caught by anglers casting small hardbody lures and soft plastics. The best results by anglers fishing with bait have been on worms. There have been a lot of small redfin being caught at this location as well as a small number of larger redfin being caught by those anglers who are more experience and prepared to put the time in. Some of these larger redfin have weighed up to 1kg.

At this stage the spillway has only just trickled over. With Lake Eppalock currently at 100% capacity we are only one major rain event from seeing good flows again running over the spillway. If this does occur there should be some excellent fishing again at this location.

Water clarity has been average at Elmore and poor further downstream at Rochester. With the current conditions at these locations the fishing has been slow, so hopefully the water clarity will improve towards the end of spring and we should again experience some good fishing.


The fishing in Cairn Curran has been disappointing over the last few months. The large redfin were very elusive over the winter months with smaller redfin making up the majority of catches. There have also been small numbers of trout being caught by anglers fly fishing.

As the water temperatures increase we should start to see an increase in the numbers of golden perch being caught. In the spring months the best areas to target the golden perch are in the shallow water around the edges of the lake. Try and find areas where water temperatures are slightly higher and that have a good amount of rocky structure.


Unfortunately water clarity remains poor at most locations along the Loddon River. The water is at its clearest in the section below Bridgewater and above the Serpentine Weir. The amount of rainfall that we receive over the next few months will be the biggest factor in determining how productive the fishing will be. We ideally don’t want too much heavy rainfall given the high water levels in the catchments along the river system. If we get average or slightly below average rainfall over the next few months then hopefully we should see a rapid improvement in water clarity by the end of spring, which should result in some quality fishing for the rest of the year.

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