Reddies shine as weather warms
  |  First Published: October 2011

Hi everyone, it’s a pleasure to be taking over from long time writer and experienced angler Roger Dark. I hope to bring you the same informed fishing reports for the Mildura area as he did.

Since last month water heights have once again risen and flows are now at a record pace. This has made fishing difficult in the main river, whether fishing with baits or lures.

End of cod season trips were under way all around the state and NSW at the end of August but fishing was slow.

A 75cm cod was reported on a trolled hardbody lure around Cowra Station over the closing weekend. Even though not much was caught, it was still great to see cod being caught in the fast flowing water around Mildura particularly in the wake of the black water.

I am pleased to say that yellowbelly (golden perch) are on the chew below Wentworth weir on both lures and bait. This has been long awaited, as water temperatures have been lower than normal of late.

The good weather we have experienced lately has also brought the redfin on the bite, particularly in slow-moving spillways, waterholes and billabongs close to town. Most of these fat reddies have been caught out in the open away from structure using light spin gear and bladed lures like the Koolabung X-Ray and prawn blades and soft plastics.

Huge amounts of carp have also been caught on both bait and lures including fly lately in shallow creeks and close to the bank in slower moving reaches.

Catfish are still being caught in large numbers below Lock 8 on worms and shrimps.

The coming month will bring more water downstream and clarity is set to get worse. Catching natives in the dirty water is definitely possible, contrary to many popular opinions. You simply need to adjust your techniques to suit the situation.

Cast out lures against structure like snags, walls and slow down your retrieval speed. Present bigger and darker lures even when targeting yellas is a key to successful fishing in turbid water.

With the water warming up and spring upon us, yellowbelly will be deep in spawning activity and will start to congregate at the face of weirs and locks for their chance to migrate upstream. This will bring on some aggressive behaviours on snags too as the male fish will gang up and gather around the females and smashing everything else that gets in their way.

Cod closure from September 1 until November 30 will see a lot more anglers targeting fish species such as yellowbelly, redfin and carp on fly. By the time cod season opens again, conditions in the main river may have settled down a bit; here’s hoping anyway.

At the moment I would recommend anglers continue fishing with baits, especially worms and shrimps, close to the banks and snags as yellowbelly become more active.

Lure fishing with spinnerbaits, crankbaits and blades should come into a world of their own over the next month particularly below weirs, locks and rock-bars.

The best thing is the weather is warming up which is a sign for many to get out on the water and drown a bait or flick a few lures around. With the yellas and redfin coming back on the chew, it may just be worth your while.

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