Tip Top Trout
  |  First Published: October 2011

Finally the trout are on the surface up at Lake Eildon; it’s very late in the year compared to normal, but the vast majority of the fish being caught are in stunning conditions.

Most of the fishos I have spoken to have found flat lining white Tassie Devils has been by far the most productive method in the last month. Justin Causby from Wingston’s Lures said exactly the same thing; with lures like the 04 clown pattern 17g Tassie catching good numbers of browns up to 1kg when trolled in quite deep water away from the edges.

I was lucky enough to meet a bloke one Sunday recently up at the lake. Glen Seccombe and his very enthusiastic and well mannered son, Jackson, decided to fish Eildon for the first time. Having never fished here before Glen asked for a bit of info that might help them catch a fish.

After seeing a lot of fish rising off the dam wall about 50m off rocks and sounding fish, I suggested sticking a pink Tassie on and troll that line. As I was talking to him a fish jumped right of the water about 150m in front of Glen, I told him I thought it was a huge carp. So off they went.

In what seemed like a blink of an eye (I was casting plastics at the bank, catching squat) I noticed Jackson swinging the net around and dad’s rod with a very large bend in. So I motored over to see what was going on. As I got close I said what is it, Jackson excitedly told me they had a brown trout on the line.

In the net the most amazing genuine 5lb wild brown trout I’ve seen come out of Eildon for years with some awesome gold flanks and a perfect tail. When Glenn and Jackson asked me if I was jealous, I had to say yes. But seeing a nice bloke and his little boy catch their first trout together, and it was such a quality fish at 60cm long and 5lb, it will be something these guys remember for the rest of their lives.

Just quietly I think I enjoyed it as much as they did (probably not quite), but it was a special thing to see – well done guys. By the way, Glenn caught it on a number 82 pink Bomber 17g Tassie Devil.

The reddies are also still around with many fish around the 1lb mark still in the trees.


There are plenty of fish active in the ponds at the moment with big trout up to 5lb and large numbers of 1lb to 3lb. The best lures are Crocodiles, Super Dopers and black/gold Berkley TT Tails.

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