Water clears for lure fishers
  |  First Published: April 2008

The one thing that I dislike the most about being a writer for fishing magazines is when my fishing predictions are thwarted by unforeseen factors, most commonly, the weather.

This has been the case in the Seymour area for the last couple of months. Just as several of our local waters were fishing at their best, the weather comes and spoils it. Very heavy rainfalls have seen water levels rise very quickly, discolouring the water and making fishing very difficult, especially for the lure fishers.

However, I am happy to report that things are looking up, with an improvement in water clarity. Already anglers who have been prepared to persist are being rewarded with some very good fish.

Goulburn River

The Goulburn River was probably the most severely affected by the heavy rain, with the water becoming the colour of mud. It is now looking much better and some very good redfin and Murray cod have been taken.

Bait anglers have been doing best, but as the water clears more fish are being taken on lures. It’s still hard going, and you really have to work at it, but the rewards are there if you put the effort in. Casting lures is still my preferred option, with spinnerbaits and No. 2 StumpJumper lures the most effective.

The Mitchelton winery area is certainly the most productive, with the area around where Hughes Creek runs into the Goulburn, also very successful. Target the many large snags in this area as well as the willow trees, as this is where we have taken a large amount of good redfin. Providing we do not receive any more heavy rain, this section of the river should be back to its best.

Further downstream, from Nagambie Weir to Undera, a lot of small cod have been taken. I received one report of a 7kg trout cod being caught near Toolamba, thankfully it was properly identified and released. So if you are fishing in this area, be sure to check your catch carefully.

Waranga Basin

Waranga has also suffered with dirty water, a problem that is again making things tough on the lure fishers, but bait fishing is still very good.

Redfin to 1kg have been taken on worms and small yabbies. Last year at Waranga during the months of April and May, we experienced some of the best redfin fishing possible. All of the fish were taken on lures and hopefully we will see a repeat again this year.

Jensen Hotlips and Manns15+ were the best lures, as well as casting spinnerbaits and using ice jigs.

Lake Mokoan

Many anglers seem to have given Mokoan away, believing that it is already finished as a fishery. However, I have received reports that some excellent yellowbelly and cod have been caught recently.

The problem lies in that the poachers are just not prepared to leave this lake alone. Several people have been apprehended over recent months with illegal equipment and undersized fish in their possession. Fortunately the penalties issued have been quite severe.

If you are fishing in this area and see something that you suspect is not quite right then don’t hesitate to report it.

As always I am only too happy to receive your reports or to help out with updates on the fishing in this area. Just send me an email.

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