Lake Eildon Turns Red
  |  First Published: April 2008

There have been some huge reports of redfin captures over the past few weeks, with yellowbelly being a happy bi-catch. The water levels have been very consistent this year averaging about 20% – a welcome change to last year.

Lake Eildon

Redfin are making their presence known in the lake. Locals, Kyall and his dad have had great success with redfin, with bags of 30 or 50 in successive trips. Of course not all these were kept, a good handful of fish around 1kg made their way to the hot plate, but most were returned to live and grow. Kyall managed to stir up a 1.5kg yellowbelly during the feeding frenzy. Stick to scrub worms and small yabbies as the larger ones did not even get a touch.

Unfortunately, all Kyall would tell me about where they had such success was out from Fraser’s National Park and pick a tree in Italian or Stone Bay.

I took his advice and went out one night after work. I picked a tree, and another and another – but to no avail. But that is all you can really do, just keep trying and moving, you will know when you find the school.

Goulburn River

A dirty flush came through the system with recent rain. The flush is just what was needed to stir up some excitement, especially for lure anglers who have been working the willows hard with small lures. Rapalas are an excellent choice but at about $15 a lure you want to be a fair cast.

Work the holes directly following a run. Such holes are not too hard to find, as levels have been relatively low. For fly casters, some nights rises can be few and far between, but be persist as the hatch can consist of really quite large duns allowing fishing well into the night on those brighter moons. Bushy’s Emergers #14 and #12 have claimed a few for me in recent trips.

Rubicon and Acheron Rivers

Those who persist with hoppers are salvaging a tough season. There are reports of good fish falling to them, but honestly soon I suggest it will be time to pack the hopper box away for this season. Lure anglers are achieving small numbers of fish with small Celta’s and similar, especially working the area below Tumbling Waters in Thornton. Tumbling Waters is right below, you need to cross the river and then walk down.

Acheron down low has been slightly back flooded due to the Goulburn, several times this month I have stood on the Acheron Bridge a polarised cruising fish close to the top in deep water. The willows have really been cleaned up in the area and I urge anglers to use the allocated access points and give this are a red hot go, you won’t be disappointed.

Eildon Pondage

The Pond has recently been stocked again, and these smaller trout are coming out in good numbers. Rainbows up to 1kg make it fun for the whole family. The best baits have been Powerbait in pink and gents. Lures, not to be outdone have also been working. the Wonder Croc in a rainbow pattern gets more than it’s fair share of interest, but remember either sharpen the hooks or change them to chemicals, they definitely prick more fish and can allow you to squash the barbs for an easy, pain free release.

Good luck on the water and “Fish for Tomorrow”.

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