Redfin get a hammering
  |  First Published: November 2011

The redfin population around Echuca and surrounding areas has copped a fair old hammering since the spring weather has kicked in with a bit more warmth in the air.

The reddies have been caught on pretty much every method in the book. For the bait anglers small yabbies and night crawler worms have been taking a few fish providing there’s plenty of wriggly ends of the worms moving about to get the attention of any fish nearby.

The perfect size yabby for the redfin would be between 20-50mm but anything much bigger shouldn’t pose too big of a problem as they can feed quite aggressively. As for the anglers with a passion for lures, soft plastics, blades and small hardbodies have all taken their share of reddies.

The soft plastic sensation has taken off in a big way over the last couple of years with an increasing number of anglers having success while either casting or trolling these rubbery imitations for redfin. The Squidgy Bug and 80mm Wriggler in Bloodworm Drop Bear colours have been the pick of the soft plastics, which is little wonder due to their life like actions in the water.

Walking the banks casting can cover a fair bit of ground while trolling they can be worked in the shallower and deeper stretches of water. The blade style lures have also been a big hit on both the redfin and the native yellowbelly. A majority of anglers have had success while casting these lures but there’s been a few that have been trolling them until they locate a school of reddies and then casting the blades back in amongst the fish with good results.

As for colour choice, naturals and anything with a dash of pink or red should see you in with a show. Trolling hardbodied lures has been a great way to cover ground and locate schools of redfin. Once the fish have been found anglers will either keep trolling back amongst the school or bob ice jigs lures and baits in the area where the fish was caught.

One lure that you wouldn’t leave home without would be the Halco 50mm Poltergeist. With a proven track record for big numbers of redfin they’re hard to beat with Bloodnut and Rainbow Trout consistently earning their place in the tackle box.

Greens Lake at Elmore had a run of both redfin and yellowbelly when water was being pumped into the lake. Blade style lures accounted for majority of the fish caught but unfortunately the hot bite only lasted a few days. The channels around Rochester had been hit and miss with some struggling to sight a fish but Moama local Nick Wren spent a couple of hours casting an ice jig around the regulators to bring home a lovely feed of redfin fillets for his family.

Marcus Metcalfe also had to mix up a batch of beer batter after bagging out with 30 reddies with the biggest weighing 1.5kg after a few hours on Lake Eppalock. Marcus found fish on the sounder at about 4m and he didn’t have to wait too long before his Halco Poltergeist worked its magic and he bagged his quota.

At the time of writing the water level of the Goulburn River at Echuca had dropped, improving the water clarity as well as the fishing reports. Golden perch between 25-35cm have been caught by anglers fishing from the bank using small yabbies and scrubworms. Unfortunately there’s been plenty of carp mixed in amongst them which can be a bit taxing on the bait supply but can be entertaining for the kids whether they’re on the end of the fishing line or up on the bank.

With cod opening just around the corner many anglers will be counting down the days before they can legally chase the green fish. Until then we will have to be content with redfin and yellowbelly, which isn’t such a bad thing as you, can’t go past a good feed of reddies.

For more information on what’s biting around Echuca and Moama, drop into J.T’s Fishing & Camping Moama (opposite the Border Inn Hotel) or phone 0354 803 868.

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