Mondy bounces back
  |  First Published: December 2011

Lake Monduran is fishing well with plenty of small fish showing up now the water is warming up.

Plenty of good fish can be caught around the shallow trees up around the weed edges. The water just went up to 29ºC in some bays recently and a lot of the fish we are seeing in these shallows should start to move around and be caught on points like previous years.

It’s been a tough year don’t expect it to be what it was in previous years. Fish sizes are still small with plenty of fish between 40-65cm, with the biggest this year being 80cm.

Stocking is underway and Rob Howell in conjunction with the adopt a barra program and MASA has rounded up some fingerlings from the Bowen hatchery, which should be ready to pick up on November 20this year and will hopefully be released by the time this edition hits the stands.

Tim and Annette (annual tourists from Newcastle) have helped Rob rejuvenate the Chris Lupton fish viewing centre on site in the park at Lake Monduran. We have caught some new fish including bass and three barramundi, of which is 106cm that have been introduced to the viewing tanks. Make sure you catch up with Rob for one of the spectacular feeding sessions while in the area.

The tank shed is open daily for fish viewing and is worth seeing these huge fish up close.

Plenty of money needs to be raised for the adopt a barra program so we would love to see more support from the anglers passing through, we see the same faces year after year and would like to see these anglers put something back towards the fish stocks.

The rivers creeks and estuary systems around the Bundaberg area are fishing well and plenty of jacks, barra, flathead, whiting and bream have been caught. This should make for some great summer fishing.

When targeting barra and jacks, lure fishing is best. Try using hardbodied lures like Rapala Shad Rap, Tilson Barra or Richos lures. Live baiting for these species is still popular but I love the hunt with the lures.

In the dams the hardbodies are still the go with anything that swims. I like the Rapala X-Rap in the larger and smaller sizes, B52s, Tropic Anglers and the Saurunas, but virtually anything that swims shallow and suspends will work.

Offshore fishing has been great, particularly on the reefs, which have been producing some huge reds. The sailfish and marlin out off Fraser Island are also great targets.

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