The Bay puts on a Christmas Feast
  |  First Published: December 2011

December is a wonderful time in Moreton Bay with the fishing really firing. There has been a wide variety of fish being caught from good snapper around the shallow reefs to acres of mac tuna through many of the channels from Coochie to Mud Island.

On a recent trip in Moreton Bay after chasing some jewfish and snapper early we spotted a mass of birds on the horizon. When you see birds like that it’s always worth going over for a look. On this particular day the tuna were very easy to get close too. When stalking a school of tuna it’s so important that you stay up wind of the school and idle down towards the feeding fish until you are within casting distance. As soon as you can make a cast in to where the fish are feeding then take you motor out of gear but leave it running as turning it off will spook the fish.

When it comes to lures I usually start with a plastic around 3-5” with a 1/4oz jig head. Zoom Super Fluke in disco green or rainbow shad works a treat on the mac and longtail tuna. If the tuna are not responding to the plastics than try throwing stickbaits or poppers in the 55-65mm range. This is a technique I’ve only just started using and having great success using them. Poppers such as the Zip Bait ZBL popper and the Lucky Craft G-Splash work really well on the tuna.

When working these lures the biggest mistake people make is working the popper too fast. You want a steady blooping retrieve. Even if the fish go down without you getting a cast in amongst them it’s still worth making a cast as the fish might be down deep and will come back up for the popper. When you see the surface strike it will keep you coming back for more.

On the offshore scene the fishing has been quite consistent with reports that yellowtail kingfish, amberjack and snapper have all been in good numbers. Last month my dad and I and a mate of mine and his dad did a trip out with Bill Coreton on his boat “Reel Affair”. We were definitely blessed with the weather and the fishing didn’t disappoint either. We started off on the wider reefs off Moreton first thing. At our first mark we dropped the jigs down and a steady flow of fish began to come over the side with kingfish up to the 10kg mark. This was until my mate’s dad Tud came up tight on a really nice fish. After a minute or two the call was made by bill, declaring it was a shark. As it came towards the surface we soon realised it was actually a massive yellowtail kingfish. We weighed it in at 23.5kg, definitely one of the biggest kingfish I have seen landed locally. Great effort Tud!

We found there to be plenty of bait on the reefs we were working. In some spots they were stacked up to 50m off the bottom. Most of the fish for the day were caught on knife jigs. This is a fun but definitely taxing form of fishing so be prepared.

Bill is very professional with how he goes about the day and will do the kilometres to find you fish. If you want to go on a charter or a bar crossing course with Bill, be sure to give him a call on 0447233247.

If you have any questions or want to talk more about my articles please don’t hesitate to come and see us at the shop, Town Centre 349 Colburn Ave Victoria Point. I hope you all have a safe and happy Christmas.

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