Rising Temps and Hot Fishing
  |  First Published: December 2011

As the hot and sticky weather kicks in and the water temperature rises the fishing will heat up as well.

Tailor have been around in good numbers but unfortunately they are mainly choppers and are just undersized. The larger greenbacks are due so fingers crossed they show up like they are supposed to.

The best spots to try for a few tailor are just beyond the breakers of the ‘Pin Bar (weather permitting) and the beaches of North and South Straddie. Be sure to look for a deep gutter to throw your baits in.

Night tailor fishing off the beaches will be the best way to pick up some better quality fish. Using large pillies, bonito or gar will also give you a better chance at larger tailor and you may even hook a jew as well.

There are plenty of good flathead about this month too. Your best change for a feed of flathead will be drifting along the western side of North Straddie from Slipping Sands to the southern point using either soft plastics or small pillies and whitebait. Prawns and small gar are also working well.

Some other good spots to try are the mouth of the Logan River, the entrance to Browns Bay, Whalleys Gutter, the Green Bank and Kalinga Bank to Swan Bay.

Small tides early this month will be a great time to target jew with big livies at the deep water off Swan Bay, northeast Crusoe Island, Flat Rock, Giants Grave and Marks Rocks in the river.

Mangrove jacks and estuary cod will become more active and be on the chew with the warmer waters in any spot with a decent snag, fallen tree or rock wall. Trolling rattling lures by the snags or presenting a small live mullet and herring will always temp these great fighting fish to strike.

Whiting fishers can expect larger, better quality fish to be feeding around Alberton Sands and the Junction in the River as well as the Gold Bank, top of South Straddie, Never Fail Islands and Couran Cove.

The mud crabs are starting to come on for Christmas from the Logan and Coomera rivers and the sandies are being caught north of Macleay Island in the Bay, Canaipa Passage, Rocky Point and Tiger Mullet Channel. A few banana prawns are starting to show in small schools in the rivers.

There’s been plenty of bream and small snapper about the ‘Pin area with the bigger fish being taken at night. Stick to the deeper holes and snags where they tend to school or along rock walls.

I’d like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a safe and successful fishing new year.

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