Handy ARB Kakadu Roof Top Tent
  |  First Published: December 2011

ARB have offered a range of roof tents for some time and the Kakadu is the latest version release, made to suit vehicles and trailers travelling the wide open spaces of our country.

It’s very versatile, gracing roof bars on either a vehicle or trailer with ease with and allowing the possibility of having the door facing either side of the vehicle, or even towards the rear if required.

Installation on the roof bars can be permanent or temporary, as the user requires, with the tent packing into a neatly fitted, zippered, dust and water proof cover complete with over straps to prevent the cover from ballooning and working loose while a vehicle is under way. In packed situation it’s 1400mm wide, 1200mm long and 400mm high, set up for use it expands to a 1400mm wide, 2400mm long and 1300mm high tent held upright by light weight but strong bows as used in many current camper trailers.

The tent is very much designed for warmer climates – there are fully fly screened and large size windows all round to enhance air flow plus light.

The Kakadu is made with specific features allowing very quick set up. Set up will see the cover unzipped and dropped down against the vehicle.

Next move will be to extend the unit’s anodised aluminium ladder out from the base of the unit and as the ladder extends the tent’s floor is pulled out and into position; likewise the three bows that hold the roof up in position as well. At this point the tent is ready for use. So long as the ladder is extended downwards the tent stays up; it’s as simple as that. The only remaining job is to set up the tent fly section to provide additional shade and weather protection.

Note that setting up can be achieved in around one minute, maybe less depending on the operator’s experience.

The tent is very strongly made and comes with zip up shutter sections within the inside of the windows to guard against bad weather.

Design Features

Like other ARB products the Kakadu roof top tent has a well thought out and tried and proven design; in this instance suited to both general and hot weather use thanks to enhanced ventilation.

The tent features a laminated aluminium base for greatest rigidity and superior floor strength, the mattress is quite thick, firm without being hard, and is equipped with a removable polyester cover for ease of cleaning. The structural framework – the bows that maintain the shape of the extended tent - are constructed from 25mm anodised aluminium tubing mounted to a strong hinge section.

The tent’s canvas employs special poly/cotton rip stop material with a polyurethane coating for superior water resistance. This latter coating also helps prevent condensation penetration as well. Seams are sealed with a welded seam tape to prevent water ingress through stitching holes. Note that all doors and windows can be rolled up in the open position if desired. The fly sheet is also coated to resist water penetration.

A look at specifications reveals that the assembled weight, which includes both the ladder and mounting rails for the unit, is only 59kg which will see the Kakadu Roof Top Tent fitted to virtually any modern vehicle of a suitable size.

Enquiries can be made at any ARB dealer for a demonstration and the part number to quote is ARB4101.

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