A party on the water
  |  First Published: December 2011

We have had a very windy November and with showers happening we may end up with an early wet.

Some glamour black jew have been caught recently up the river on dead bait. Fishing the deep holes should be the go on the two hours before the change of tide up to two hours after.

For something different try using a piece of catfish attached to a 7/0 hook back to a running sinker. This has been the go to rig for metre plus fish so think outside the square for some awesome results.

The humidity running at more than 90% and temperature of 35ºC makes it very uncomfortable out there on the water without shade. Do the right thing and take a brolly if you have nothing else, as it will be unbearable in the boat when the sun shines. Always drink plenty of water and remember to drink often, even if you do not feel thirsty to avoid dehydration.

Our SES staff have been out there practicing their resupply drills with the yellow barge. Please say good day to them and thank them for their efforts as we depend on them when cut off by flood water.

Finding a weather window of calm wind to venture out the front can be difficult but the rewards can make the effort worthwhile. Head out to the rubble patches in low wind times and check for wind changes while fishing. You should be able to catch some very nice golden snapper in amongst the sharks. A good way to find them is to troll deep diving lures around. Most baits will work and do not be afraid to try something different.

I have been looking for a two piece rod (to carry in the car) that will cast my soft plastics further to get into tricky snags when chasing barramundi. It needs to be accurate and be able to force fish away from danger zones.

Much discussion with people in the know including Lance Butler has led me to the decision to buy a Nitro Undertaker. It is a 4-6kg 6’6” two piece rod that ticks the boxes. I have put a Shimano Calais reel spooled with the latest Schneider 30lb braid and use Schneider 55lb mono leader to connect to lures.

The power of this weapon is awesome and I think the rating is misleading, 6-10 kg better describes this stick and so far it has been more than good enough. The real test will be in the run off next February and I will let you know the outcome.

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