Sawyer shows the way at 2011 BASS Electric Convention
  |  First Published: December 2011

Freddie Sawyer (4/4, 4.41kg) claimed top honours in the 2011 Blue Fin Boats BASS Electric Series with victory in the Lake Borumba Convention. Borumba Creek proved to be a happy hunting ground for Sawyer, providing a good number of quality fish during the first session and an all important fish in the final session.

“In session one I headed to a flat at Borumba Creek. This area had been identified during the prefish and I was confident it would produce during the tournament. Sitting in around 32’ of water I was casting back into 17-18’. Bites were coming in around 24-25 feet of water,” said Sawyer.

“The lure was a smoke yellow core Slider rigged on a 3/8oz Nitro jighead. The technique was to let the lure sink to the bottom, slow roll the retrieve for a couple of turns then open the bail arm to let the lure sink to the bottom again. I would then pause the lure for a couple of seconds before repeating the process. The bites were coming after the pause as the lure slowly swum off the bottom.

“In session one the bites came almost immediately. The bite window lasted 70-80 minutes in which time around 18 legal fish hit the deck. Importantly the quality of the fish was good, with most, if not all, being over legal size. Over the remainder of the session there were a number of smaller fish, but no upgrades to my best two bass.

“In session two I headed back to Borumba Creek. Our boat was one of the first at the location, which was lucky as the fish weren’t as active as the first session. Apart from the first 10 minutes, the bite window quickly shut down and the decision was made to move. Fortunately in the brief window of opportunity I was able to catch my first fish before making the call to move location.

“The move was made to a junction at the start of the timber. Sitting on flats in 34’ I was working hard to find fish. I was confident of finding fish, but it was hard going. I eventually caught my second fish and was relieved when it hit the deck.

“Overall the fishing was tough. Looking back I think I was fairly lucky to have found my second fish that day. The wind was difficult to handle at times. In the end we tied off to a tree rather than fight to hold position.

“Going into day two I didn’t feel that I could overcome the day one deficit, but you keep on fighting away. In the end you are only one good session away from potentially taking top honours,” finished Sawyer.

Sawyers outfit consisted of a 7” Barrabass custom rod teamed with a Shimano Fireblood 1000 reel spooled with 3lb Berkley Fireline in crystal colour and 6lb Yamatoyo VHard leader.

“Setting up my new Blue Fin 3.7m Jon Boat, and MotorGuide Wireless Bowmount Electric Motor has been very exciting. I am looking forward to getting it into competition in 2012 and potentially challenging for the title again,” said an excited Sawyer.

Ricky Simmons (4/4, 4.22kg), a session winner at the 2010 BASS Electric Convention, showed his tenaciousness with a hard fought second place. Fishing a junction of the old riverbed and timber in session one and Borumba Creek on day two, Simmons found the fish to move from a share of 7th on day one to 2nd place overall.

“I started fishing at a location where the edge of the old riverbed meets the timber. On my second cast I had my first fish. As the session wore on I moved slowly back down the dam hitting other key locations. The wind had started to get stronger, facilitating a change to a heavier 1/2oz jighead. Off a row of timber, around 30 yards, fishing in 20-25’ deep, I caught my second fish. I did manage a third fish for the session, but it wasn’t an upgrade,” said Simmons.

“The lure I was using was a 2.8” Keitech paddletail rigged on a 7g Pimp My Lure (PML) jighead. The technique was to let the lure sink to the bottom before a slow wind then a pause to let the lure sink back to the bottom. The bites generally came after a pause, about halfway back to the boat. The 25’ depth was the key area with most of my bites coming in that vicinity. The sounder proved invaluable for finding active fish and staying in the zone.

“In session two I headed to a spot I had prefished at Borumba Creek. I was one of the first boats there and quickly boated a quality fish (37cm). Other anglers eventually arrived and the fishing slowed. 30 minutes later I caught my second fish. As the bites stopped I again made a move down the lake. I caught another fish for the session, but it wasn’t an upgrade.

“I was confident in what I had done. I knew other anglers had caught fish. When all the scores were finalised I felt fantastic. Having tasted success in 2010 and then repeated it again this year was special. Overall it was a great weekend, one I won’t forget in a hurry,” said Simmons.

Simmons outfit consisted of a G. Loomis PR 840s rod teamed with a Daiwa Caldia 2500 reel spooled with 4lb Berkley fireline in crystal colour and 6lb Sunline VHard leader.

Multiple activities tested anglers over the two days of the tournament with a trivia quiz and casting competition (winner: Joseph Urquhart) adding to the anglers' challenges. Mark Petersen was the lucky recipient of the random drawn Blue Fin/MotorGuide package. Petersen was overwhelmed by the win and looked forward to sharing the boat with his family.

Thank you to all the competitors and sponsors who made the 2011 Blue Fin BASS Electric series possible. Check out the Tournament Angler Guide (TAG) in early 2012 for upcoming event dates and locations or visit www.australianbass.com.au for more information. - ABT


Top 10 Anglers

Place Angler State Fish Weight (kg)
1Freddie Sawyer QLD 4/44.41
2Ricky Simmons QLD 4/44.22
3Matt Johnson QLD 3/43.94
4Steve Otto QLD 3/43.90
5Adrian Wilson QLD 3/43.52
6Roy Souter QLD 4/42.98
7Paul Fleming QLD 3/42.84
8Corey Kerr QLD 4/42.76
9Dave Trinder NSW 4/42.60
10Joseph Urquhart NSW 2/42.56

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