Super Sunline Unveils New Gear
  |  First Published: November 2011

Sunline have been at the forefront of specialist lines and quality braid for years and I’ve recently been trying out a pretty deadly combination of top shelf Shooter fluorocarbon line and Momentum braid. I saw both products at the AFTMA Tackle Show in August and was so impressed I bought spools of each for trials on a trip north.

Shooter Flourocarbon

I’ll look at the Shooter Super Fluorocarbon first, which might be difficult because it’s darned near invisible. In fact it is marketed as Bass Professional Invisible line and to some extent the hard-to-see claim does indeed stack up. Of course there’s no such thing as invisible fishing line but Shooter, through involvement of subtle colour changes from greyish green to brown and greenish brown turns out to be remarkably camouflaged. In fact, it’s hardest to see in bright light, and it won’t reflect light or flash.

This 100% fluorocarbon Japanese made line offers qualities of low stretch and fine diameter; the 20 lb is 0.37mm and 40lb is 0.435 mm. It comes in a range of breaking strains for different fishing situations.

I found the Shooter to be fabulous as tippet and leader material for both fly, plastic and lure work, which virtually covers the range of my fishing situations. It knotted easily and certainly fooled a good range of fish during a trip to North Queensland.

Momentum braid.

This hybrid eight strand high grade PE (HGPE) comes in two colours, dark green and fluorescent yellow. I choose the fluoro yellow Momentum for some lure work for added visibility and to assist in exact lure placement, the latter vital for an angler who is not terribly proficient with lures. I loved the soft feel of it, very fine diameter for a given breaking strain and the ease of knot tying.

My view is that in many respects Momentum is similar to the much acclaimed Castaway PE - which is also a HGPE 8 carrier braid - in both fineness, feel and line diameter.

Much the same as Castaway, Momentum breaks at the stated spool breaking strain not somewhere well above it, which can be the case with many current braids.

Breaking strains are from 10-50 lbs in 150 yard spools , 30-60lbs in 200 yard spools.

My view is that Momentum is going to be very well accepted by the angling fraternity and should provide ample trouble free use.

Both Shooter fluorocarbon line and Momentum braid are marketed by E.J. Todd and Son imports and will consequently be carried by a great number of retail outlets.

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