Tricked Up Truck: Loads of ARB Gear
  |  First Published: November 2011

In standard form the Toyota FJ Cruiser is a pretty classy looking four wheel drive. A combination of modern and retro styling sees it pretty well guaranteed to turn heads wherever it goes. The styling is a big step away from the current line of off roaders, but a lot of folk seem to like their FJ Cruisers. One thing’s certain - park one in a public place and others will certainly look at it!

Bring on the Bling

A useful amount of ground clearance, a nippy 4L V6 petrol engine and great off road capability give the FJ Cruiser serious cred as a rough and tumble rig, but the addition of some handy ARB accessories tailored specifically to the FJ can certainly take the neat Toyota to another level.

Starting up top the addition of an ARB 2.2m long alloy roof rack has provided increased carrying capacity. A mesh floor, vehicle specific mounting system and wind deflector up front are great features of this well made powder coated roof rack.

Side protection bars were also fitted to the Cruiser to give it increased protection while a colour coded ARB Deluxe Winch Bar adorned the front of the Cruiser, offering the ideal place to fit a Warn 9.5 XP winch. Add a set of IPF Xtreme Sport driving lights and you’re in business.

All of these components fitted flush within the bar to give them ultimate protection off road plus a very neat appearance. There was nothing ‘bolt on’ about this set up that’s for sure.

Note that an aerial for the vehicle’s GME cabin mounted multi channel UHF radio was also set neatly onto the Winch Bar.

Increased protection against water and dust come courtesy of a Safari Snorkel; it’s black matte finish contrasting against the bright body of the Toyota.

Last but not least was an ARB suspension package. The set up fitted to the FJ Cruiser was specifically designed for the vehicle and offered a slightly firm but quite graduated ride courtesy of the Old Man Emu Nitro Charger sports shock absorbers fitted.

Note that a two year warranty accompanied the suspension upgrade.

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