Carlton Mid Gold Coast Flathead Classic
  |  First Published: November 2011

The 2011 Gold Coast Sportfishing Club Flathead Classic delivered just about every conceivable environmental factor over the two and a half days of fishing, yet the event still saw a record number of fish caught, measured and released and a record field of anglers.

Over 400 anglers braved conditions that could be described as inclement on Thursday with howling 20-30 knot northerlies followed by a 3 hour downpour and then a cold 20 knot westerly blowing competitors around in typical Flathead Classic style. The result of the large tides (around 2.5m difference) and strong northerlies produced a waterway that was more like liquid mud than clean estuary water, but some anglers managed to cope with all of this and come away with some exceptional day one fishing.

At the head of this list were Shane Gartner from Pig Lures and David Green from Dead Fishy. Both men found trolling the best option and with their team mates, amassed amazing points to place them at the head of the field and also the envy of most who found the conditions trying.

Day 2 started much better but the winds soon returned and a cool westerly kept a bit of chop on the open water. The incoming tide brought with it some amazingly clear and wonderful water and anglers took full advantage of the break from the dirty run-out tide water.

This clean water worked for us with Shayne McKee and Shane Juttner catching a 66cm and 71cm flathead in consecutive casts and then McKee backing up on the next drift with a 69cm fish. This was the best action we had all comp and showed that the fish were in our spots, we just couldn’t get them to actually see the lures in the dirty water.

Gartner and Green continued to battle it out up top, trolling their way into plenty more fish for the day and a few other anglers and teams cottoned onto the pattern and started putting some fish on the scoresheets. It was tightening up at the top of the ladder in terms of individual and team honours. The final half day would be a very important few hours for those in the running to top the field.

Day 3 started in glorious sunshine and virtually no wind, but by 9am the wind was back and strengthening toward the 12pm finish. The clean water was back on some favourite banks and it was at this time that we had the pleasure of seeing Shane Juttner land his biggest flathead on a Bozo 4” Grub plastic.

The fish measured 73cm and took out equal largest fish for our team with McKee capturing a 73cm flatty on day one on a 5” Mr Twister Exude RT Minnow. The two Shanes were ecstatic and into me like there was no tomorrow – something about having a strong back and legs to hold these two aloft all tournament if I remember rightly.

As the competitors returned to the Gold Coast Sportfishing Club rooms, everyone was keen to see how everyone else went and the final wrap up saw Shane Gartner from Pig Lures take out Champion Angler ahead of David Green and Danny Sands, while Greenie’s team Dead Fishy took out Champion 3 angler team and Austackle Anglers Connection Senior took out Champion 2 angler team. Other major winners were Kai Sanderson who took out the Junior Champion and Christine Hunt who took out the Female Champion awards.

There is a full list of anglers and teams in the fact boxes hereabouts, but let’s hear what went right from the winners themselves.

Gartner Pigs into the Flathead

Shane Gartner battled it out with David Green for top individual honours this year and he came out on top by using the lures he designed and makes, Pig Lures, a hugely popular south east Queensland estuary lure.

Shane caught the majority of his fish trolling in shallow water in the middle reaches of the Broadwater. His tactics and choice of lure colour are an interesting observation in what works in varying conditions.

As Shane said “I trolled a red and black deeper diving Pig early in the morning in really shallow water. The water was discoloured and the darker colours were working really well. The other colour to work was brown, a lure colour designed specifically for dirtier water.

“We targeted water from 5 feet up. This depth of water holds plenty of flathead and they can be targeted by trolling very easily.

“The trick is to fish the lures so they run just above the weed. This may mean running your lures virtually at the back of the boat,” said Shane.

I quizzed Shane further on this as running lures basically in the prop wash in shallow water goes against just about every fishing recommendation you can imagine. But Shayne was adamant that flathead are not spooked by the boat and motor and a 70cm fish that was taken on the deep diving red and black lure run less than 10ft behind the boat gives good evidence to the tactic’s effectiveness.

As the tide rose and the water cleared, Shane and his team mate swapped over to greens and yellow/black colours. Shayne reckons these colours perform better in clearer water. And it’s hard to argue as Shane landed 20 fish on day 1, 15 on day 2 (he also dropped 17) and bagged 7 scorers on day 3.

I also talked to Shane about the specific tactics used to combat the dirty water and he said that his game plan did not change. The only thing he changed were the colours on the lures. So what was his game plan?

Simple: troll in shallow water in the middle reaches of the Broadwater where the current flow was a bit slower. Once trolling Shayne said you had to work the lure the entire time, not just leave it in the rod holder, and, if you felt weed, wind the lure in a little to make the lure run over the top of the weed.

“It was all about feeling the lure and knowing when it was fouled with weed and adjusting your drop back to minimise contact with the weed,” said Shane.

So keep these tips in mind next time you are presented with a flathead fishing session. Shane’s tactics are somewhat revolutionary and his lures have been designed to make the most of these tactics, so go out and Pig into a few flathead for yourself.

Dead Fishy go Micro

Catching 10 fish in this event was reward for effort, but Greenie’s Dead Fishy team accumulated 79 fish over the two and a half days of fishing to take out overall team honours with 3782 points.

I had a chat to David about the event and his initial thoughts were that everything went to plan and his favourite trolling lure, the Lively Lures Micro Mullet, was the key to their success – well that is apart from the well chosen location and brilliant tactical decisions!

Green said that in the prefish they could not pin enough big fish in the deep to make it a worthwhile option come tournament time so they scouted around and did some more prefishing. It was during this time they noticed a lot of fish had brown, weed dwelling baitfish in their guts and this had always been a sign that trolling would be the best bet. The reason is pretty simple: if the fish are eating these baits, they are not actively hunting, and it follows that casting lures is much less productive.

He also visited a few old stomping grounds that had not fished for years, but were again producing and by the night before the comp a game plan was hatched.

This plan revolved around trolling and the team stuck to their task amassing an incredible 79 flathead to 75cm over the tournament. Of these 63 were caught trolling and the most successful lure was the pink and silver Lively Lures Micro Mullet that landed a staggering 60 flathead. This is allure David had a big hand in developing with Alan Dolan of Lively Lures and to say Greenie was proud of this achievement this year would be a dramatic understatement.

“The main take away lesson is there are many, many ways to catch a flathead on a lure, and you need to work out your best tactic in the conditions prior to the event and have plenty of good options and methods at your disposal,” said Green.

“The more adaptable to the conditions you are the better you will do. Trolling was good for us this year, but next year it may be jigging the deep, blades, crankbaits, drop shotting or ripping cranks across the flats, and you need to work out all the good options and be able to fish a lot of methods.”

AusTackle Connect with Plenty

In what can only be described as a stunning effort Austackle Anglers Connection Senior (Brett Rayner and Chad Paterson) took out the title of best two angler team with a very impressive 2692 points. Just to put this into perspective, the Austackle team finished 5th overall when all team results were combined.

With their usual southern Broadwater locations covered in snot weed, the pair made the decision to head north to find water that was cleaner of the dreaded weed. They searched out areas that had expansive high tide flats adjacent to drop offs that had weedy edges and plenty of draining gutters.

As the tides were high in the mornings the pair worked the flats with Sakana hardbodies and soft plastics to accumulate their fish. But as the tide fell away they found themselves trolling Boneheads in pink stripey and silver candy colours in water between 5-8ft, or swapping over to the ubiquitous Lively Lures Micro Mullet when the depth blew out to more than 8ft.

As with all competitors the pair had to find cleaner water as the tide dropped to continue their fishing.

Brett Rayner said: “We searched for clean water so we could visually see the channel edges and not have to rely solely on the sounder. We also found that trolling our lures a little shorter, so they only occasionally hit the bottom, meant we were not constantly fouling our lures with snot weed.”

Brett also commented that if they went shallower than 5ft they encountered too much snot weed, so they really worked hard at running their Boneheads in 5-8ft, trolling for around 60% of the actual tournament time.

Some great tactics from a team that really performed above and beyond in a tough competition.

Hunt tops Females

Tournament organiser, club president and crazed angler Christine Hunt easily accounted for the rest of the female field in this year’s Flathead Classic with a consistent event that saw her amass 636 points.

“Our preparation for the Classic didn't indicate a big showing of flathead in the deep, which was a bit of a disappointment to us as that is our preferred style for chasing flathead,” Christine said.

“This didn't see us rule it out of our strategy altogether though as the pay off of pulling a couple of bigger fish in the day sets you up for a higher score.

“Lucky for us this was how things went on day 1 when I was able to set the team up by netting an 88cm and a 79cm both on the white ZMan Swimmerz.

“We backed these bigger girls up with some smaller fish but day 1 showed us that the fishing was going to be tough.”

A change of tactics for day 2 saw Christine and her team mates downsized their leaders and jigheads and get set for a shallower approach.

On day two they hit their favourite shallow spots and turned over a few fish through the day but it wasn't until the last hour where they saw good sized fish and numbers.

“We worked a drain where we were confident fish would be feeding, and to be honest it was the first time we found a good showing of baitfish all day,” said Christine.

Using their Lowrance HDS sounder they found where the bait was schooled at the edge of the drop-off and worked their lures from the edge of the drain to the bait; at one stage it was a fish cast for Team TT.

Day three is always hard because with the half day you don't get as much tide variation or time and their high performing spot from day two was going to have too much water over it.

With the water still dirty, Christine decided to follow the clean tide on the incoming tide, picking up fish that kept the scorecard ticking over. Her only real challenge came from her team mate Tracey Mammen and I am reliably informed that when Christine was driving the electric she gave Tracey every bit as much opportunity to catch fish. They were more focussed on a good team performance and this shone through with Christine winning overall female champion and Tracey coming in second.

Christine’s final sentiments reflect how just about every team felt.

“Thanks to TT Lures for their support and to my team mates Tracey and Guy McConnell for a great Flattie Classic.”

Other categories

As with all Flatty Classics, there are a range of other categories anglers compete in for trophies and bragging rights. Gavin Dunne took advantage of the strong winds and waved the wand around to land a cracking 66cm flathead on fly to take out that section, while Brendon Knight managed to subdue a sensational 117cm mulloway to claim honours in the mulloway category.

Other momentous captures included a bunch of near on 70cm Australian salmon, a tournament biggest 91cm flathead caught on day one by Kurt Buhner and Darryl McMahon’s sensational 39cm whiting. The fact box hereabouts gives the full results of other categories and shows just what sort of by-catch flathead anglers can expect when fishing the Gold Coast waterways.

And lastly to the winners of the Blue Fin Boat prizes for seniors and juniors. The seniors were randomly drawn for a shot at a Blue Fin WildCat teamed up to a Suzuki 60hp four-stroke one a Special Trailer’s trailer and this was eventually won by Anthony Fullarton. The junior prize was a 3.4m Blue Fin Drifter donated by Blue Fin Boats matched to a Suzuki 4hp outboard donated by Whitewater Marine and was won by a very excited Nicholas Newton.

Our Highlights

We struggled for most of the event but had a few highlights that will ensure we’ll be back next year. For starters just staying on the water was a real challenge. This tournament was about sticking with it and never giving up.

For me seeing Shane Juttner land his biggest flatty on a lure was special, but what I liked most was the netting effort as the fish was netted underneath the boat in current that was ripping. It put a smile on everyone’s dial. The next highlight was Shayne McKee’s 73cm fish that was caught in super shallow water and half way through the fight we noticed it had a Do-It Mould jighead and 5” Gulp Jerkshad in its top lip. The tackle was virtually brand new so we surmised it was hooked that morning or at worst the day before. A greedy fish.

Seeing two flathead over 65cm in the boat at the same time was pretty special too, it’s just a pity none of these were mine.

But perhaps the real highlight was working out a special tactic on snot weed. We realised early that if you got a touch from the snot weed, you could drop the lure back and pick up the main bulk of it, reel it carefully in then throw it at your team mate’s head. This works best in a three person team where someone distracts the victim while the other angler does the throwing. Brilliant fun when someone is re-tying their leaders and helps pass an otherwise slow day on the water.

Our final highlight was the surprise at finishing in the Top 20 teams, a feat we thought could not possibly happen with the fishing we experienced. But it just shows you that when it’s tough, it’s tough for everyone.


A massive event, well organised and wonderfully catered saw 450 plus anglers and their entourages happy with the 2011 Blue Fin Boats Flathead Classic. All the juniors took home a prize courtesy of AusTackle and the lucky draw anglers all left with arm full’s of new tackle to try. The boat winners, Nicholas Newton in the Juniors and Anthony Fullarton in the seniors were stoked and everyone is keenly looking forward to next year’s event.


Other Categories

Largest FlatheadKurt Buhner 91cm
Largest Flathead on FlyGavin Dunne 66cm
Largest MullowayBrendon Knight 117cm
Largest Australian SalmonJoel Erskine 67cm
Largest TrevallyBen Godfrey 60cm
Largest Estuary CodJamie Douglas 41cm
Largest TailorChristine Hunt 40cm
Largest WhitingDarryl McMahon 39cm
Largest Bream Phil Hill 39cm


Top 10 2 Angler Teams

1Austackle Anglers Connection Senior2692
2Pig Lures2399
3L.A. Traxx1513
4Team Next Year1458
5Team JAM1421
6Lazy Lizards1367
7Team Goldrush1315
8Team Osso1306
10Team Terry1218


Top 10 3 Angler Teams

1Dead Fishy3782
2Team Sands3691
4Plastics Paranoia2824
5Keep It Cool2327
6Team Liive Vision2261
7Team Hi Seas1922
8Team TTs1743


Top 10 Females

1Christine Hunt636
2Tracey Mammen465
3Rebecca Hay325
4Kim Romano309
5Stephanie Ballantine263
6Nicky Burow257
7Fay Rohweder233
8Madeline McKenzie146
9Jodie Simpson113
10Irene Robertson109


All Juniors

1Kai Sanderson626
2Carter Oliver621
3Jake Neilsen615
4Thomas Milfull530
5Louis Schaffer417
6Mitchell Romano388
7Rebecca Hay325
8Matt Reeves312
9Stuart Grice307
10Stephanie Ballantine263

11Troy Akhurst243

12Ethan Bright232

13Julian Parkinson226

14Jacob Stapleton223

15Jayden Faraone221

16Jack Hockings207

17Jessie Porter199

18Hayden Cooper190

19Will Akhurst175

20Madeline McKenzie146

21Fletcher Kibble145

22Jake Vacca136

23Hudson Kibble135

24Mitchell Trethowan131

25Aiden Cross121

26Jack Burt119

27Riley Lydement109

28Zac Topham107

29Jacob Ward105

30Joel Erskine103

31Joshua Rose93

32Bryce Connell91

33Liam Corneliusen88

34Tyler Campbell85

34Brayden Maroske85

36Jessica Moore79

37Tristan Parkinson78

38Dane Franks64

39Samantha Moore58

40Jayden Erskine55

41Kobi Rose49

42Timothy Angus20

43Rhiannon Newton10

43Nicholas Newton10

45Hunter Grove-McGrath5

45Tim Delahunty5

45Taj Faraone5

45Jensen Burford5

Overall Senior Results

1Shane Gartner1896
2David Green1700
3Danny Sands1469
4Geoff Carey1423
5Brett Rayner1403
6Chad Paterson1289
7George Sands1256
8David Whyte1255
9Michael Green1250
10Matt Kair1212
11Thomas Ryan1064
12Brenden Whyte1044
13James Nishida1010
14Ross McCubbin989
15Jason Heller977
16Kevin Sands966
17Bernie Frauenfelder960
18Troy Franklin956
19Grant Flesser952
20Mark Ward905
21Jamie McKeon877
22Shaun Harrington867
23Luke Byron855
24Shayne McKee832
24Kelvin Williams832
26Mal Palmer820
27Martin Zietsch772
28Michael Vacca768
29Glen Norris765
30Kurt Buhner748
31Phil Alder742
32Dougie Burt741
33Brad Farrell735
34Glenn Crawford717
35Nathan Brown697
36Josh Pagura688
37Ben Job682
38Gary Palmer678
39Chris Bell674
40Barry McNamara658
41Christian Pulvirenti652
42John Thwaites649
43Adam Long648
44David Lynch647
45Guy McConnell642
46Christine Hunt636
47Kim Jones632
47Ben Richards632
49Luke Slavin627
50Ashley Bryant613
51Rob See612
52Christian Cross611
53Scott Cuttance602
54Ray Kibble595
55Lee Hennessey586
56Nick Whyte575
57Ian Woodward571
57Alan Osborne571
59Max Buhner567
60Michael Fox565
61Daniel Hickey563
62Charles Britton558
63Scott Blair557
63Steve Dunlop557
65Michael Angus555
66Keith Stratford554
67Brett Drysdale553
68Aidan Hurry549
69Allan Brice547
70Joakim Odlander542
71Shane Juttner509
72Joel Scott506
73Brett Howell503
74Stephen Wilson501
75Wayne Loddington493
76Dale Giddings492
77Ben Biggs488
78Mark Johnson483
79John McGrath482
80Neil Decker481
81Barry Martin468
82Scott Gregory465
82Tracey Mammen465
84Kevin Lappin464
85Terry Ryan461
86Matt Long457
87Barry Lawson450
87Glen Jackson450
89Matt Siggs444
90Paul Neilsen439
91Tony Zann435
91Igor Jansen435
93Simon Marshall431
94Con Voukelatos426
95Mark Torrens423
95Murray Rogers423
97David Hill421
98Mick Stewart420
99Luke Moore411
100Chris Stratford402
101Carl Shiell399
102William Milfull396
102Glen Birch396
104Evan Zikos394
105Alex Mollison380
106David Spencer373
107Roy Latter372
108Andrew Mayhew370
109Anthony Fullarton369
110Ben Monro366
111Keenan Parkinson365
112Brian Davies361
113Matthew Little356
113Gary Rayner356
113John Hall356
113George Sarikas356
117Robert Slavin355
118Paul Gill352
119John Hockings350
119Craig Lockhart350
119Jamie Douglas350
122John Faulkner347
123Graham Dodds345
123Brad Donald345
125Paul Welch343
125Adam Young343
127Gavin Bryan339
128John Goodwin338
129Glen Reeves335
130Mark Grice333
131Will Holms329
132Steve Akhurst328
133Mick Horn322
134Scott Bowen315
135Kim Romano309
136Kenneth Thompson306
137Wade Smith301
138James Paterson295
139Ben Godfrey294
140Danney McDowell293
141Geoff Shiell290
142Shannon Glover289
143Andrew Reeves283
143Daniel Hogg283
145Paul Tamis281
146 Scott Clarke277
147Mark Pidd275
148Mark Warren273
149John Siggs271
150Jay BCF268
151David Newton267
152Andrew Bragg261
153Nate Lapham260
154Brett Neely259
155Bruce Franks258
156Nicky Burow257
156Rick Waldon257
158Christopher Gribble255
159Kevin Ballantine252
160Mark Cherry251
160Brad Job251
162Keith Braithwaite246
162Daniel Folley246
164Ian Hayne244
164Shane Weeden244
166Eddie Ketley243
167Joshua Jones241
167Brad Nation241
169Chris Head240
169Craig Madam240
171Mick Kelly238
172Shan Brown235
172Chris Paterson235
174Fay Rohweder233
175Darryl McMahon227
176Brad Sanderson225
176Jamie Dewe225
178Adrian Neho223
179Craig Mackay218
180Paul Pulvirenti214
181Steve Lennard213
182James Morrison212
182Bobby Pajuoja212
184Craig McKenzie210
185Oliver Braben208
186Luke Jarzynski204
186 Mark Zaphir204
188Dean Bentley201
189Salvador Jimenez199
189Mark Horswill199
191Stephen Booth197
191Noel Smallman197
193Dave Maroske196
194Tim Wood195
195Scott Waine193
195Steve Clenton193
197Andrew Lewis191
197Jason Topham191
199Graeme Endres188
199Scott Sellens188
201Harry Delinicolis187
201Rob Woodley187
203Bruce Andersen186
204Jason Horn182
205Corrie Clarke180
206Mark Wetton178
207John Durre175
208David Mckean174
209Damien Newton170
210Grant Johnston169
211Ryan Clark168
212Brett Horner167
213Mark St Ledger166
214Jeff Robinson165
215Damon Nichols161
216Andrew McFadzen157
217Chris Topham152
217Murray Whitford152
219John Poole151
220Gerard Wilkins150
221Brendan Geraghty146
222Geoff Abrams144
223Phil Hill143
224Gavin Landon142
225Gavin Dunne140
225Alan Huggard140
225Nathan Reid140
225Karl Sexton140
229Rob McIntosh139
230Trent Jepson138
231Richard Pope136
231Mathew Robinson136
231Bruce Ruttley136
234Derek Rose135
235Russell Jordan134
236Allan Davies133
236Stephan Owen133
236Bill Aubrey133
239Dean Rogers131
239Malcolm Stapleton131
241Michael Aubrey130
241Brad Manktelow130
243Nathan Frecklington126
244Terrance Wagner123
245Alan James121
246Mark Hird117
247Sean Chambers116
247Jeff Enders116
249Patrick Kiely115
250Jodie Simpson113
250Dean Webbe113
250Paul Higginbotham113
253Keith Woods110
253Judd McQuaigue110
255Irene Robertson109
255Errol Hardke109
257Steven Nash107
257Shane McGrath107
257Darwin Valdez107
260Mike Randall105
261Brendan Summera104
262Glen Jones102
263Dean Thompson101
263Jaime Taylor101
265Trent Griffin100
265Stuart Dowie-Bridges100
267Dean Hanckel99
268Carol Brown94
268Brad Green94
268Andrew Grzegozewski94
268Sean Pallent94
272Errol Cullen93
273Eff Stylianou89
273Colin Macdonald89
273Rhondda Wetton89
276Phil Manitta88
277Robert Bell85
277Matt Stewart85
277Jayson McKenzie85
277Bevan Manktelow85
281Michael Broun82
282Simon Craig80
283Tim Stylianou78
283Brian Lydement78
283Bob Goldfinch78
283Hamish Dutton78
287Brendon Knight77
288Paul Flanders76
289Nathan Andersen75
290Jim Richardson74
291Andy Shilig73
292David Muller72
292Tony Bramish72
294Craig Engler71
294Brett Enders71
296Matt Hayne70
297Grant Waine69
298Brendan Smith67
299Robert Hay66
300Mick McKinnon65
301Greg Butterworth64
302Wayne Smith63
303Duaine Lurman62
304Ian Reeves61
304Margaret Shapcott61
306Bernie Hockings59
307Sally Bedford58
307John McGrath58
309Justin Morrell55
309Mark Scott55
311Andrew Morgan53
311Daniel Carter53
313Glen Hazlett52
313Geoff Rose52
313Darren Burford52
316Blake O'Loan49
316Dave Wareham49
318Rodney Milkins48
318Brendan Lydement48
320Meshell Hedges45
320Darren Azzopardi45
322Bradd Barnes40
323Ben Keyworth35
324Amber Collins30
325Luke O'Connor25
326Paul Cross20
326Darren Mann20
326Chris Parkinson20
329Clinton White15
329James Mavroidis15
331Jamie Graftdyk10
331David Eastwood10
331Mark Armstrong10
331Craig Bright10
331Nic Catasti10
331Stuart Black10
331Shane Thomson10
331Russell Hedges10
339Peter Newton5
339Hayden Myers5
339Brian Jeffries5
339Ian Sadler5
339Lyndelle Newton5
339John Wright5
339Garth Hobba5
339Cam Delahunty5
339Chris Wallace5
339Keith Magick5
339Peter Lockhart5


Overall Team Rankings

1Dead Fishy3782
2Team Sands3691
3 Luxmarine2874
4Plastics Paranoia2824
5Austackle Anglers Connection Senior2692
6Pig Lures2399
7Keep It Cool2327
8Team Liive Vision2261
9Team Hi Seas1922
10Team TTs1743
13White Water Marine Suzuki1686
14Doug Burt's Tackle World Rovex Tsu1577
15 Queensland Fishing Monthly1538
16 Mad Huis1534
17L.A. Traxx1513
18Team Next Year1458
19Team JAM1421
20Lazy Lizards1367
22Bush n Beach Fishing Mag1322
23Team Goldrush1315
24Team Osso1306
26Dodgy 11289
27Team Flatulence1268
28Team Terry1218
30Team D.O.A.1205
31Fishing Central1144
32The Nomads1105
33Hi Seas Team On Strike1096
34Austackle Greeen1076
35Shear Me1054
36Team Pink Bits1043
37Ballina Bait & Tackle1023
39Team Rattler982
40Blue Fin Boats981
41Flathead Assasins959
42Austackle Black958
43Team Dog952
44Z Man Tough TTs928
46Team Blade881
47Here For Beer875
48Team 'Shake & Bake'875
49Team Gold Coast Fishing Tackle862
50The Jig Spitters861
51Lunch Box857
52Team Carlton Mid845
53Sofa King Awesome844
54Flying Hell Fish822
56The Marlin Hunters Health Retreat814
57Team Gutz797
58Code Orange788
59Flat Chance784
61Ol Trout750
62Fishing Demons746
63Team Burley Boy733
64Ray White Commercial Gold Coast725
65Dobyns Rods710
66Dusky Duo707
67Team Romano697
69Bork & Budgie689
70The Eyedontnose669
71Bundaberg Marineland662
72Lizard Tuggers659
73Team Kakadu Annexes 2647
74Team Polycraft640
75Foul Hookers621
77G-2 xxtreme616
79Team Jager581
82Go Fishing535
83Team Pato530
84Dusky Tigers489
85Platycephalus Fuscus487
86Team Whatever482
88Team Ecogear464
90Team Jox453
91Croc Hunter452
92Team Quitya-Bitch'n450
93Team Nover Platinum450
94Team GBU442
95Oxenford Bait & Tackle429
96Stick Flicks 2 XXX407
98R & R Hay Team391
99Bagged Out390
100Wallarah Creek390
101The Reel Deal Team375
103The Dyslexic Luckhead Flatwits360
104Team Nitro358
105Team Siwa355
106Coomera Houseboat Holidays343
107Dodgy 2326
108Team Hinterland322
112Team Tight Lines287
113Team Nilfish287
114Team Storm BOSS285
115 Catfish281
116Team Beer & Bullshit267
117Dawn 'til Dusky267
118Fulla Feseas265
119I'm On263
120Team Kakadu Annexes 1261
121Austackle Anglers Connection Junior259
122The Saltys259
123Team RaM250
124Won Third249
125Lure Lobbers242
127Big Deal241
128Factory Quintrex240
129Just Add Water238
130Team No Bananas235
131Bias Boating233
132Trawl Blacks232
133Team Mad & Dad231
135Get Jiggy With It228
136Junior Jiggers228
137The Lounge Lizards226
138Lures All Day226
139Jiggers R Grinners215
140Old Fartzzz214
142Team Flat Stick210
143Lizard Wizards205
144Sons of Anglers203
145Austackle Gold198
146Weld On194
147Foolish Fishos190
148Flats Rats189
149The Flick Wits186
150Reel Overheads $$180
151Team Young Retrievers177
153Happy Hookers171
154Team Atlas167
155Team Orange Pearl155
156Tri Hardz150
158The Sandbankers139
159Sportys Fish n Kidz137
1602 Fast & 2 Furious133
161Dynamic Print128
162Way Not To Go!123
163Team Greenkeys120
164Blind Date 2114
167Burford Blanks62
168Cod Botherers61
169White Water Marine Evinrude E-TEC55
170Team TCMS55
171Caught By The Cods55
172Two Shags on a Rock52
173Anglers Connection Mixed10
174Aussie Mermaid5

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