Sun shines and Rainbow rises
  |  First Published: November 2011

We have had a great run of weather, in face it’s the best we have seen all year.


I was a little disappointed with the fishing last month. We still had some great catches, but I found the fishing uncharacteristically inconsistent, especially on the snapper. I have seen this happen in the past and then seen a later than usual run of them, so here’s hoping they are now biting well.

Pearl perch continue to bite well and 2011 is probably one of the best years I have seen for them. Soft plastics have been working fantastically well on the pearlies.

Live bait has been the key for the C fish: cobia, cod and coral trout. We have landed lots of big cobia, some even weighing more than 30kg and boy, did they give some of my clients hell!

On one particular day I put my clients on a huge patch of fish. My deckie and I were in tears from laughing, watching everyone blow their own gear to pieces on the big, hungry Cobia. I don't think I have ever seen so much smoke, springs and screws get thrown around the boat!

When fishing for big cobia (which are classed as a light gamefish) rods and reels purchased nearer to the top-end of the market is definitely money well spent.

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