Inside Your Tool Treasure Chest Part 3
  |  First Published: November 2011

Welcome all to the third and final issue of inside you tool treasure chest. The last of the power tools I am going to tell you about in this issue is the power/cordless drill and the mighty 9” grinder/polisher. Let’s get started!

Power/Cordless Drill

It’s funny because I wasn’t really sure about including the humble drill until a couple of days ago when I was doing a job on one of my boats. I had just put in the fuel tank and fed all the lines under the casting platform that we had just glassed in.

It wasn’t until my mate Frandon mentioned to me quietly that I could’ve routed the fuel lines a bit better than I did. I guess it did make sense, and Frandon being the die hard fisho that he, could see how to make it better with not as much bulkiness in one area. Like I’ve said before I don’t claim to know everything about the industry I’m in and we are all learning everyday.

So, I had already cut the hole, fed the fuel and breathers through and then glassed the casting deck in. Frandon told me he thought it’s going to be in the way and you’re going to trip over it when your playing a fish. I asked him how to fix it without damaging fuel lines and he suggested a power drill. So all we did was move the fuel lines over as much as possible with a wide chisel and as I was holding that Frandon drilled a series of pilot holes around where we wanted to re-route the lines. We drilled the holes bigger until they were all fairly close to each other and then smashed the bit out with a smaller chisel. This worked a treat but I must admit I don’t think I would have ever thought of it.

I was cool with that and it was just so good to have an extra set of eyes for support and see the humble cordless drill in action on a job like that.

The drill comes in handy especially when you are working on your old boat and an old rusted screw or striped nut doesn’t come off or snaps; you will then use your drill to hone it out or drill the screw down just enough to glass or bog over it and re drill in close to the area. Many times I’ve had to put a die grinder tip in my drills to get a job done and not to mention drills are a great bog stirrer.

Drills are a great must have tool and to think I wasn’t going to mention that one simply for the fact that everyone has one - even my wife for stirring the cake mix - kidding. They really are a great tool to have; whether cordless or electric you’ve got to have one.

9” Grinder/polisher

The 9” grinder/polisher is that last of the tools I will cover and is a must have. We use it everyday as a polisher - you can’t really use anything else to buff. I have put a polishing pad on my electric drill for an urgent job which works well as long as you have various speed settings. The same goes for the 9” polisher – it should have a dial on the back or the side of the handle which allows you to adjust the speed settings on various applications.

When purchasing a 9” grinder its best to get a reputable brand as they are going to get heavily worked and a lot of weight put on it as well as the dust and buffing compound and buff wool gets caught up in the motor and brushes.Being the big brother of the 4” grinder this tool requires full concentration during use so be careful and wear all of your safety gear. We use it everyday, whether it be grinding back a floor or buffing a boat. This is an essential tool that won’t let you down and you can switch from grinder to polisher with ease by simply removing the threaded collar and the backing plate.

I hope these last three issues on tools have been helpful and will make life a little easier for that next ugly grinding or cutting job before you even get to the sticky part of the repair, which is the fibre glassing. In the next issue it will be all about the products and associated equipment needed to fix the hole or repair the damage you’ve done!

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