|  First Published: October 2011

These new ARB twin motor compressors offer increased power and a high volume compressed air supply in a relatively compact portable or vehicle mounted set up. Tests have shown they can pump up a full sized 4x4 tyre from dead flat to 200kPa in around two minutes.

Drivers who intend on extended beach or off road travel will revel in the manner in which these very efficient compressors get the job done quickly. Yet, in every sense of the word, these units are portable to the extent that a kit can be purchased in its handy carry case or set up within the vehicle for Air Locker and other usage.

An Australian made product, the twin compressor kits work from a 12 volt power source and can deliver an impressive 132 litres per minute of air flow at 200kPa, which sees them having the highest air flow rate of any 12 volt compressor on the market today.

Durability is assured thanks to motors being water sealed, ball bearing equipped, and feature a special low noise operation despite their very high output. Motors are also designed to withstand heat, cold, vibration and on-board models also feature an air filter to ensure a cleaner, cooler air supply.

The portable model, in its carry case, comes with an inflation kit for various applications, battery cables and a six metre hose. Connections within the kit are heavy duty and designed to stay joined once the unit is in operation thanks to strong and durable fittings.

Note that all compressors are leak tested, current draw tested, as well as being flow tested under maximum load at the factory before being packaged for sale. Not surprisingly each kit comes with a comprehensive two year warranty.

In use all you need for operation is to allow the compressor’s tank time to prime once the motor is activated and with the tank fully primed there’s compressed air on demand.

Main uses for these new units will include ARB Vehicle Air Lockers, the youngster’s various inflatable toys, beach or bush work where tyre pressure needs to be altered, plus a large variety of air operated tools the latter being an important consideration when a long way from home.

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