Spring brings activity
  |  First Published: September 2011

September brings another trout season, so dust off the waders and head out fishing.

As one season opens another closes: Murray cod season is now closed. The difference with cod season is you can still fish cod waters; you’re just not to target, or remove a cod from the water. If you get belted by one try not to take the fish out of the net to remove your lure, try doing all you can at water level.

Lake Hume

With the weather of late, the lake hasn’t been firing that well; fishos heading out and braving wind and rain have often been going home empty handed. But as we know with the change of the season, with water temperatures rising, and sunnier days the fishing should start to pick up.

Trolling the usuals like McGrath minnow type, and Tassie winged lures around is the best bet, but keeping to the bay edges should help keep you out of the wind. If you’re able to put up with the waves, midday deep runs across the wall face with a downrigger could raise your chances of a hook up. Using your sounder will help locate fish and areas to target.

If you want to take the kids out for a session on the redfin and the odd carp have a look around the Tallangatta township area. The ramp is great, and you can stop on the edges nearby and munch into a feed from the local bakery.

Local rivers

The Kiewa River has been flowing quite high for some time now, and with the snowmelt it may stay hard to fish for some time. Fishos are reporting hard times in conjunction with the back flow from the water being released from the lake wall, but this I hope will improve as the month goes by.

The Murray below the wall is high and very fast at the moment, as soon as a lure hits the water it gets dragged downstream so fast you can easily get snagged up. Some anglers are going back to lead fishing the wall, but not many reports are coming out of fish catches.

Other waters

Due to the local conditions, Lake Dartmouth is still a popular destination for many locals, as the fish, although slow some days, are firing for most. The fish are not all that far from the ramp.

Another area to try is Khancoban Pondage about 2.5hrs from Wodonga. At times it is a hard workout throwing small soft plastics around the grass flats, but it could get you one of the massive trout or redfin the pondage holds. If you’re thinking of making the trip it would be a good idea to ring somewhere like the local pub first, as the water level varies daily and they could give you feedback on how the fishing is going.

Get the boat ready

September equals springtime, so this means for many boaters it’s time to get the boat out of storage, and get ready.

First thing to make sure on any boat is to sort out the safety gear and get everything serviced or replaced. Next, if your boat has been put away for some time, the fuel is probably no longer any good, and your engine probably could do with a service.

Once you’ve covered all you can think of, get the boat out on the lawn with some muffs and give the motor a start and warm up, checking to make sure the water pump is working correctly.

Doing these basic tasks will give you peace of mind, and your days on the water should be safe, and enjoyable.

A fine brown trout caught recently on an Ecogear SX40.

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