Lang Lang – Western Port early snapper
  |  First Published: September 2011

Those in the know, will know, that early season snapper turn up in Western Port in late July and through August.

It can be cold, it can be wet, but the rewards can be big and red with fat white bellies.


It’s a bit of a waiting game at this time of year, but it’s all about finding that little window of opportunity when the weather is kind and all of the planets align.

You will have to put in the hard yards and it may only be a fish for every 50 hours, but if it happens, it will excite.


A standard Western Port running sinker rig will do the job.

This is 1.5m of 50lb Instinct leader with one 6/0 hook tied to the end of the line and a second snelled about 12cm above it.

Tie an Optia black rolling swivel to the other end and connect that to your braided mainline.

A sliding sinker clip then runs up and down the main line with a 20cm mono dropper of around 20lb for sinker attachment. Bomb sinkers will range from 4-10oz.


Spend some time sounding but don’t be put off it you don’t see any fish.

Try to fish ‘highways’, the channels and gutters where fish are likely to move through.

Just prop and stop and sit it out.


Fresh baits are the key for early season snapper.

Squid, trevally, salmon and even eel are all excellent at this time of year.

The real bonus here is that you are just as likely to catch some nice gummies while you are chasing reds.


Change fresh baits after half an hour of soaking.

You always want the freshest bait you can get your hands on. Plenty of oil, blood and smell to temp any fish within range.


The weather will be the main thing that makes this a tough assignment.

Just bide your time and wait for the opportunity to pounce.

This 6.9kg snapper was taken just south of Lang Lang on a squid head in mid July. This is the start of big things to come.

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