Redfin make the day
  |  First Published: September 2011

Environmental flows were still the talk of the local anglers around our region in August. I certainly have never seen the Goulburn so high for such a long period of time.

If we get decent rains in the near-term I could see the Broken and Goulburn rivers hitting minor flood levels quite easily.

With all the water in the Goulburn leading into September most anglers shifted their attention to other areas such as the Basin, Eildon and a freshly filled Lake Mulwala.

I happened to stay clear of all of the above and focussed on our local waterways.

The main eastern channel was fishing like I have never seen before in late July and early August.

One afternoon I had the pleasure to fish with a good mate and an upcoming angler in Dave Landmeter on the channel and probably had the most exciting day on the channels I have experienced, with us landing between 20-30 redfin in a 2-hour period.

Dave stuck to using a yellow Squidgy bug recommended by young redfin guru Andrew Dalton from the local BCF.

I continually changed lures with success: the best lures were the matt black Jackall, pink Halco Scorpion and small pink Stumpjumpers

You may be saying that redfin are a schooling fish so it must have been a simple session, but we found the fish shut down at certain times of the day with a 10-20minute bite period every hour.

As a consequence we found that changing techniques was paramount to landing more fish.

Kialla Lakes

September is the month where we see more and more fish being caught at the lakes. I happen to land a few small redfin and yellowbelly a few weeks ago so hopefully they will go nuts at the lakes during September.

For some reason lake number 2 produces all my redfin catches, it’s strange but I’m definitely not complaining.

I tend to use a faster retrieve with a pause every now and then. It’s a simple way of retrieving but its been doing all the damage.

In September I would be suggesting to just cast as many different lures out trying to find what is working best.

Some days spinnerbaits, the next Jackalls, red and black or pure white seems to do well.

You will have days where you probably go home cursing my name but once you work out what works and what doesn’t you will be thankful you kept at it.

Keep your eyes out for information forms for the 2nd Kialla Lakes Classic to be held in November.

The author with a redfin caught on a Tn50 matt black Jackall just after dark.

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