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  |  First Published: September 2011

Everyone I’m sure is happy to see the last month of the cold winter weather passing and hoping September brings the warmer days with it.

The rainbow trout at lake Bullen Merri and Ellingamite have been caught to 2.5kg and are a really solid fish. Rainbows this size haven’t been seen at these lakes in years and anglers giving it their all to land one of these exciting fish.

If you haven’t already had a crack at the rainbows now’s the time because rainbow trout have short life spans and these fish might not be there at the end of this year so chase them while you can.

Mudeyes suspended under a float are still the preferred choice at Ellingamite picking up both rainbow and brown trout, where at Bullen Merri they continue to take Powerbait in a wide range of colours.

I was happy to hear that reports of three brown trout up to 10lb were caught trolling at Lake Bullen Merri. Early mornings flat lining close to the shore produces better results, as the day gets later the fish follow the minnow as they move deeper, so downrigging would be best roughly around 10am.

Stocking of Atlantic salmon have started at lake Purrumbete. Atlantic salmon are a longer fish than trout and have the ability to be bigger fish. If the salmon have the chance to grow to around the 60-70 cm mark they will start to fill out and deep so we can look forward to some big trophy fish. The Atlantic salmon will grow bigger quicker than trout that’s why catch and release is very important and remember to only keep what you’re going to eat.

In addition to trout, bream fishing is a good option and a lot of fun. Bream are aggressive feeders and feed off shrimp, prawns, worms, grey backs and a wide range of hardbodied minnow lures and soft plastics. Whilst trolling in the mouth and lakes of the river it has been known to hook onto sea run brown trout as well as estuary perch and bream at places such as the Hopkins and Gellibrand rivers.

But there is an even a wider range of options when visiting these areas. Just over the sand dunes at the Gellibrand mouth or across the sand flat at the Hopkins blue hole there are long sand beaches perfect for surf fishing.

With great reports of Australian salmon caught in the surf on poppers, lures and squid being the most popular baits, it would definitely be worth a try. But if getting sand in between your toes isn’t your thing then Peterborough have a large pier just bit further down from the swimming beach. The pier has a wide range of species that use it as protective structure.

The pier is home for a wide range of species and range all sizes but making sure you have a wide range of baits.

This 2.4kg brown trout was caught by Fred Brcic from Werribee with a minnow.

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