Filleting Redfin
  |  First Published: September 2011

I rarely ever keep a feed of fish, but when I do decide to keep a couple for a feed, it’s usually redfin, because they taste magnificent.

Here is a step by step guide to filleting redfin to help you better prepare your next decent redfin for a feed.

Lay the fish flat on a decent chopping board and cut the head off.

Take a stiff knife and begin cutting along the fish’s back, keeping as close to the top fin (dorsal fin) as possible, cutting down towards the backbone. Once you get to the rib cage, you need to carefully run your knife up and over the rib cage, leaving the rib cage completely stuck to the fish.

Once you have cut around the ribcage, which only runs not even half the length of the fish’s backbone, you need to continue cutting along the backbone all the way to the tail, completely removing the fillet.

By now, your fillet should be completely removed from the main bone frame of the fish. Turn the remainder of the fish over and then do the same thing with the other side of the redfin, cutting down behind the dorsal fin to the backbone, then cutting around the ribcage then cutting down towards the tail until the fillet comes off.

Now, lay your fillet on the chopping board, skin down, and with your flexible knife, carefully cut through the flesh as close as possible to the tail, making sure you do not cut through the skin.

You need to have the knife blade between the skin and the flesh.

Then holding your knife at an angle that is not going to cut through the skin, usually around 45, work your way along the fillet, cutting the skin away from the meat.

Hold the skin near the tail so that it doesn’t slide, and simply cut the meat off the skin.

Hey presto, it is time for a cook up!

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