Pearls of winter wisdom
  |  First Published: September 2011

What an excellent winter season it has been with many a great trip offshore and many fish caught.


We have had an absolute blinder on the offshore fishing, particularly in close. Pearl perch have been going off their nuts and we have seen many bag-outs with great quality too.

One particular day with no charter bookings, I took advantage of the glassy calm conditions and took my wife and three daughters out on the water. Within the hour we had our five pearlies each, totally bagging out. It was super fun for everyone and there were plenty of fish to enjoy.

Fishing baits of squid and pilchards on dropper rigs is working well, but soft plastics are certainly pulling out the big ones. Gulp Crazy Legs in pink shine and lime tiger colour have been working so well, it’s almost like they are to the fish, what lollies are to a child.

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