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  |  First Published: February 2008

The New Year has produced some really hot days, which has made it tough to stick out a whole day’s fishing. Those who have fished our small creeks in the late afternoons, however, have found that the trout are out and about.

The water levels in Traralgon Creek and our other Strzelecki streams have dropped a fair bit with the extremely hot weather. Coupled with a lack of rain, this hasn’t been a good combination for maintaining nice rapids or runs for the trout to sit in. This means the trout must be targeted close to the banks or around highly shaded areas. Also, it means the small trout are very spooky and that stealth is required to catch the cagey critters.

The fly fishers have had the best luck of an evening while casting to the numerous rising trout during the various hatches that we have had over the last month. Flies such as Red and Black Spinners have been successful, as have Dads Favourites or other dun patterns tied to match the size of the real duns that have been hatching at the time. It has been necessary to take a variety of sizes when fishing, from size 18 right through to size 12. During the day, attracter patterns such as Red Tags, Royal Wulffs and Humpys have been taking their fair share of trout as well.

Small plastics like Berkley Nymphs have really produced the goods in these low water conditions, as they are only 2.5cm long and can be used on a very light jig-head. This means the fish won’t be spooked as easily when casting these softies.

The water levels in Blue Rock Reservoir were really good this month, and there were heaps of small browns and rainbows patrolling the bank edges of an evening and early in the mornings. Again, small plastics have been fantastic, and much more successful than heavier traditional lures like Tassie Devils. These heavier lures have only been successful when cast out a long way and retrieved as slowly as possible.

Up in the Tanjil River, fishing has been awesome for both flyfishers and lure casters alike. It hasn’t been uncommon to hear of anglers catching in excess of 15 trout in a session.

For more information about fishing Central Gippsland, contact Will at Allways Angling in Traralgon on 5174 8544.

Young Lochie shows that there are still some good trout to be caught when the water levels are low. This fish was holed up under an undercut bank and fell to a Berkley Power Minnow.

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