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  |  First Published: August 2011

With winter nearly over and camping season just around the corner it was time to update the gear. And this time I was looking for compact equipment with camp side comfort.

I was immediately lead to techniice camping supplies. The Melbourne-based company serves Australia through their online store, and ordering couldn’t be easier: find a spare five minutes, order online, then sit back and wait for delivery.

Pretty soon my order was transported to my door: esky, storage box, and swag.


Every long term campsite needs a good esky, and I wanted one that would be big enough to service my camping requirements but also fit snugly in the back of my ute.

However, selecting the right one was harder than I first thought; techniice has over 20 different types to choose from! Their range of eskys varies in shape, height, length and colour – there is just so much to decide.

After a few measurements, I made my decision and selected a 70L model in white; lighter colours reflect heat better, which means the ice will last longer.

When I ordered on line, I hit the purchase button and it came up with a BONUS. I received six techniice Dry Ice packs free (valued at $40). These dry ice packs are ingenious and have revolutionised my camping trips.

Techniice Dry Ice come as flat sheets of paper that when placed in water became sheets of reusable ice (and heat) packs. Amazing! I have always disliked ice as once it melts it soaks through everything – soggy sandwiches, wet packets and label-less tins of food, etc. Nevertheless, on my first test of the ice packs I was blown away. I followed the instructions, screwed them up, put them in water and watched the 24 sections fill out the refrigerant polymer.

I froze six sheets and placed them around my food in the esky. After three days camping, they were still going strong. Everything was still cold, and labelled, with no water floating in the bottom – they are an amazing Australian product.

For the record, I left the packs in the esky for a further two days before I saw any sign of defrosting.

Storage box

The next upgrade to my campsite was a new storage box. I needed something to carry everything from tools, dry food, to spare fishing tackle.

This time the decision was a little easier as techniice only have one box suitable for my needs. The tough army-style tool box was the perfect box, at the right price, to load up my gear and transport in the car.

There are few different colours to choose from; I selected a bright yellow so it would be easier to find in the back of the ute and around the campsite.

The storage box has some great features. Firstly, it has a full solid lift out tray that can be loaded up with handy easy-to-get-to gear, with two heavy webbing straps to make lifting it out very easy.

Secondly, the bottom section is huge. There is enough room for everything from tarps, to frypans and more.

Thirdly, it comes with solid hinges, carry handles and latches that are all corrosion resistant so they will last a long time.

Lastly, on the lid of the box are six dug out circled sections that fit a can of drink perfectly, and also come in handy with screws and small bits and bobs.

Like the esky, I also received a bonus with my order. I got two free ratchets to secure the box in the car, boat or trailer. I love getting free stuff!


I had my drinks, food and storage covered, so now all that was left was to organise a bed.

My first thought was to order a small tent rather than a swag; I like a bit of room and I don’t like to be covered to my face with canvas. However, techniice’s new range of Jungle Reef Outdoor Swags convinced me otherwise.

The new design incorporates poles that go over the top of the swag, which means it is well off my face and gives extra room to move.

They have three options: a single, a single extra large and a double. Even though I’m 6ft tall, I still had to be mindful of packing space so I chose the single extra large. It’s big enough to give me the room I needed but small enough to store away quite compact.

The standout feature of the Jungle Reef Outdoor Swag is the pole set up; you have the canvas off your body, as they cross over each end and in the middle. The swag also has a vent in the feet section and an entrance head end so you can get fresh air at both ends.

The canvas is 15oz heavy-duty, which means it’s tough! All the fittings are strong and the flooring is made from tough PVC compound. It also comes with a high density thick foam mattress that is extremely comfortable.

Supplied guide ropes and pegs secure the swag down, and the top folds back to expose the mesh interior. Ideal for those warm nights to keep you cool but keep the mozzies out!

Inside the rear door is four compartments for personal gear such as phone, torch, wallet or anything else that you can fit in them.

Postage and ordering

The entire ordering process was very easy and user friendly. They took my order and then sent it off. Payment was all secure and the freight was very cheap. If you live in Victoria it’s free postage on most items.

When you place an order mention the Fishing Monthly Magazines for a little extra service.

If computers are not your thing, no worries. techniice will happily take your call and process over the phone. To see all of the techniice products go to www.techniice.com or call them on toll free 1800 655 540.


Size: 70L
Outer Casing:High Density Polyethylene
Inner Casing:Food Grade Liner
Insulation Density: High Density Polyurethane
Outside Dimensions Lid: 46 X 90 X 43 (W L H)cm
Outside Dimensions Base: 35 X 82.5 (W L)cm
Postage:$28 QLD, $15 VIC, $18 NSW, $18 TAS

Storage Box

External:55 x 90 x 38 (W L H)cm
Internal:49 x 84 x 26 (W L H)cm
Postage:$37 QLD, FREE VIC, $24 NSW, $24 TAS

Single Swag XL

Size:2150 x 1100 x 800 (L W H)cm
Canvas:Heavy-duty 15oz water proof Rip stop
Floor:650g compound PVC
Postage:Free Postage Australia (limited time only)
Reads: 7299

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