Carp: free to good home
  |  First Published: February 2008

Early summer rains have meant good news for those travelling to Lake Purrumbete. The lake levels have risen, allowing boats up to 4m to be launched from the caravan park. We all know there is plenty of summer to come and, with a dry autumn, only time will tell how long boats will be able to be launched.

There is plenty of water in the middle of the lake, the problem is getting boats out of the shallow bay in which the boat ramp is situated. Perhaps it is time to plan a channel out into what is still one of the premier trout lakes in the state. We all know that the revenue from our licences is used to improve facilities. What a great chance to do something for the freshwater anglers.

Those that are making the water at Purrumbete are doing very nicely, catching brown trout to 2kg, rainbows to 1.3kg, and redfin. Downrigging for the browns has been the flavour of the month, with Tassie Devils or Loftys Lures towed at 20m proving to be the best method.

The fishing in Bullen Merri is fairly tough. Rainbow trout to 1kg are the main attraction, and trolling and fishing Powerbait from the bank are the best methods. No reports of bass have passed my way as yet, but those targeting them usually keep any information close to their chests.

The best of the rest is still West Barwon Reservoir, with bait anglers using mudeyes, and lure casters fishing with Tassie Devils, reporting the capture of some nice brown trout.

Once again the redfin season at Lake Colac has passed without a yelp. Low levels of water in this lake have meant very few redfin have been caught. With summer rains recently lifting the flow of creeks into the lake, tonnes of carp have been entering the creeks. The local council has set up traps, limiting the distance these fish can travel. The only problem is that the traps have to be emptied regularly, and the carp disposed of.

It seems local cray fishers have got all they need for bait, as have the local amateur shark fishers, who swear that carp minced with a bit of tuna oil is the best berley going round. Anybody who needs carp by the ton, please contact the Colac Otway Shire Council, they will be only too pleased to hear from you!


European carp in a trap in Barongarook Creek, which flows into Lake Colac. Four tonnes of carp had been taken out two days prior.

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