Blue Salmon Breed Big
  |  First Published: August 2011

August is the month to catch blue salmon when they turn up in big numbers to breed.

You can find them out the front in the tide line where clean water meets blue water. Any bait will do on a simple rig with a running sinker to a swivel, tied to some 40lb mono and a 6/0 hook.

Blue salmon fight hard but clean so be patient once connected and you will have an awesome time.

You can also take the other option of jumping onto the Kerry D for a charter and let Darryl do the work for you. His contact number is 47459275.

We usually have a good Spanish mackerel run in July and this year is no exception with some big catches reported out the front of the sand island. Plenty of fish have been captured with many lost due to not keeping the line tight when hooked up. They always make a big first run and because the water is so shallow they generally turn and head back towards the boat for their next effort.

Many people think when the line goes slack that the fish has gone when what they should be doing is winding as fast as they can the keep the line tight.

Trolling for Spaniards with the old metal spoon also works well; work at least 500m outside the anchored boats in a north south pattern for the best results.

Our mighty barramundi have gone quiet with the colder water temperatures but if the water warms up towards the end of the month then they will be on the chew big time.

Remember to not go within 50m of anchored boats if going faster then 4 knots.


The cool weather continues over on Sweers Island, but the pelagics are loving it! Spanish mackerel are on the bite, and with common catches of 12kg+ fish, we expect some whoppers to beat last year’s record before the season is out!

Remember you need heavy gear for these gamefish of the Gulf: a good leader, serious swivel, and gloves.

The reef fish haven’t slowed down either, with lots of coral trout and red emperor showing their spectacular scale patterns this year.

And the new Sweers design rods are catching lots of fish, along with the Wagga Wagga Oar Gee lures, check them out!

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