ARB Reverse Camera and Monitor System
  |  First Published: August 2011

More vehicles are now being fitted with reversing cameras and the trend sees these vital units coming down the line from top of the range vehicles to all comers. That said, there are still quite a few modern vehicles that will come home without a reversing camera as a standard item and it’s these vehicles that can now reap the benefit of assured safety and reduced stress levels when an ARB Reverse Camera and monitor system is fitted.

Two part system

The complete ARB kit consists of a replacement rear view mirror with an inbuilt monitor and a license plate mounted wide angle camera both linked by a 5m extension cable. Note that a separate (extra) camera can also be part of the kit if required; this makes sense, especially for really large vehicles, vans and the like.

The Mirror

The first item in the ARB system is a replacement rear vision mirror at the windscreen. This is very convenient as the new mirror sits exactly where the old one was and avoids a driver having to change driving habits. Note that the brightness and colour of the 5 cm wide screen, which automatically activates when reverse gear is selected, can be adjusted to suit a driver’s particular requirements

The mirror also incorporates a volume adjustable speaker linked to the camera’s microphone as an added safety measure.

The Camera

ARB provide a very high quality camera with 160 degrees wide angle vision, which is both waterproof and dust proof for long life. The camera is simple to install and is usually affixed using the existing number plate screws. When fitted the camera is unobtrusive and offers little rearward protrusion to ensure it does not become damaged when the vehicle is driven off the road.

Other Features.

The ARB Reverse Camera system is compatible with Hema Navigator HN5 and HN5i systems and if required ARB can provide fitting information and any other requirements. The Reverse Camera system comes with a three year warranty that includes the wiring looms. In use the driver simply engages Reverse gear and a look in the camera reveals a view behind the car plus the projected coloured grid which shows where the car will go if it stays on it’s present course.

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