Whiting still the mainstay at Port Phillip Offshore
  |  First Published: June 2011

As the masses head down to Portland in search of the southern blue fin tuna, others may find joy in quieter times down at the boat ramp and getting back into some relaxing fishing again.

No matter which species you are targeting, now is the time to head out and enjoy the fishing before winter really sets in.

Out in Bass Strait whiting will be a prominent species on offer as well as pinkie snapper and school shark, which will keep anglers actively in the game.

School Shark

School shark are starting to make an appearance offshore and can be found out in 50m of water off Barwon Heads and ranging 10-20kg in size. In chasing the school shark there are two difference methods that can be used.

Firstly, you can anchor and run a berley trail, or secondly you can drift for them. My preferred method is on the drift with a fresh strip of squid and heavier leaders: that’s how I have found greatest success.

Though the schoolies are more prominent in the following month, they are starting to make their presence known and so it will give you a chance to sharpen your skills and hone in on which method you prefer to use.


Whiting are the feature for the following months and should provide many with a decent feed during the cooler months. We have found success on the whiting using fresh pipis and mussels.

If you find that they are being a bit finicky, try dropping down in leader size as this may help.

Whiting have been found in their masses, and with bag limit captures coming in relatively easily and at a decent size range of 34-40cm.

Pinkie Snapper

Pinkies and nannygai are up for the taking offshore. Bigger pinkies and nannygai can found out the front of Barwon Heads and we find that fresh squid and ‘couta are their preferred choice.

We find the 5-8kg Ugly Stick with a 650 Penn reel to be our preferred tackle when fishing in 50m of water.

For those of you that haven’t joined the masses in Portland, the fishing out in Bass Strait is enough to keep any angler happy.

As winter has begun and before the really chilly weather sets in, get out there and enjoy the fishing before the thermals need to come out.

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